The Voice of the Future

Intuitive talks to raise the consciousness of the planet. High-level broadcasts with energy transmissions to activate your self-healing ability. Inspiration for awakened souls who sense the new earth energy and (are ready to) start living in full connection with their divine being. Let’s connect and build the new earth together!

Instructions for listening

You can listen to this broadcast either walking, sitting, or lying, but try not to fall asleep. It does not matter whether you close your eyes or open them, but it is best not to be distracted doing things that require your attention. The broadcasts have a duration between 10 and 20 minutes, and you can listen to them as often as you want.

The audio tracks below can be listened to for FREE.

If you want more, please have a look in the online shop, where you can find a growing collection of purification tracks. Each comes with a short description of the topic and you can purchase them for a small fee. As they are living experiences, you can keep on listening to them to purify stuck energies.

Topic: Permission to live
Date: 28-01-2023
Length: 12’36”

Topic: Blame and shame
Date: 26-01-2023
Length: 11’50”

Topic: The thoughts within you
Date: 26-01-2023
Length: 18’41”

Topic: No more playing small
Date: 24-01-2023
Length: 11’46”

Topic: Honesty and vulnerability
Date: 24-01-2023
Length: 12’51”

Topic: The controller within you
Date: 23-01-2023
Length: 9’00”


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