The Road From Thinking To Being

In the interview series The Road Hélène interviews inspiring, brave, but everyday people who travel the road From Thinking To Being. You can directly listen to, or download, the audio files via the links.

Maud Limpens

Guest: Maud Limpens
Art Director, The Netherlands
Where to find Maud: Instagram & website 
Date interview: 08-03-2023
Length: 25’59”

Wanda Klomp,
labradoodle groomer

Guest: Wanda Klomp
Labradoodle groomer, The Netherlands
Where to find Wanda:
Date interview: 02-03-2023
Length: 43’38”

Ira Nagel,

Guest: Ira Nagel
Entrepreneur, Bosnia
Where to find Ira:
Date interview: 18-02-2023
Length: 24’47”

Sander Ritman,

Guest: Sander Ritman
Poet, The Netherlands
Where to find Sander:
Date interview: 11-02-2023
Length: 21’57”

Nikki Dams,
conscious coach

Guest: Nikki Dams
Conscious coach, Belgium
Where to find Nikki:
Date interview: 01-02-2023
Length: 28’33”


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