Scientist and technician retreats

  • Highly valuable content
  • Experienced trainers / spaceholders
  • Logding, food and drinks included

We live in a culture where it is perceived that you are healthy until you develop symptoms. But health care is a lot more than just treating illness. It is about reaching your fullest potential, being physically and mentally sharp and strong. Optimal well-being will allow you to be the best version of yourself, and get the most out of your relationships, your work, and ultimately your life.

Scientist and technician retreat
We hereby would like to invite you to our pilot retreat “Free Yourself, Live Limitless”. One retreat is dedicated to scientists and the other to technicians, who are eager to keep on evolving and to reach the fullest potential of their health and wellbeing!

Please read the information below about what our 1,5-day retreat offers and what you can gain from it. If you are interested in this or future retreats, please contact us and we will share more details about the program. And if you know someone who might be interested, please feel free to forward this information.

Practical information
Retreat: Free Yourself, Live Limitless

For whom: Technician (irrespective of research area) :: Tue Mar 22 19.00- Thu Mar 24 14.00h (pilot)
For whom: Scientists (irrespective of research area) :: Fri Mar 25 19.00- Sun Mar 27 14.00h (pilot)

Location: Retreat center @Hélène in de Bilt
Price: Financial contribution based on the perceived worth
First-come, first-serve, only 5 spots available!

What we will go through
– What is important to you in life and work
– Learn all your basic human needs
– Learn how you can fulfill them
– Find out where you are struggling (mindset, motivation, or mechanisms)
– Learn how to defeat any resistance

Gains of this retreat
– Align with what is important to you
– Learn successful practices to improve your well-being
– Find ways to see problems/projects from every perspective
– Become more intrinsically motivated, focus, confident, assertive, and successful
– Improve your work and life balance

This retreat is a collaboration between Cindy, from Live limitless and Hélène, owner of the retreat center @Hélène. See below for more information about our backgrounds.

Both Cindy and Hélène have been trained as virologists. Cindy worked at the university and at a pharmaceutical company for 12 years. Four years ago, she started her own business “LIVE LIMITLESS” dedicated to supporting your personal growth in every dimension (mind, body, spirit, relationships, and lifestyle). Hélène left academia last year after working in fundamental research for 25 years. She set up her own retreat center with the slogan “From Thinking To Being”. @Hélène provides the space for guests to take a break, reflect, and develop themselves through attending a retreat. 


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