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9.99 ex BTW / month with a 30-day free trial and a 0.02 sign-up fee

“The Voice of the Future” is a online membership program. You get access to The Voice Community and Broadcasts. Subscription for a membership is 9,99 euros (ex VAT) monthly. TRY IT OUT now for FREE for 30 days!



“The Voice of the Future” Membership

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey toward authenticity and personal growth? Join “The Voice of the Future” – an online membership space for energetic purification and attunement.

Discover a safe haven in The Voice Community, where like-minded individuals connect, united by the common goal of living their lives from a place of genuine authenticity. This empowering community understands that shedding the layers of what no longer serves us is essential in connecting with our true nature and living a life of freedom.

The Voice Broadcasts brings twice a week audio tracks for the online purification of old energy to support you to let go of old stuck energy and attune to that what is new, to live your most pure life in an earthly and simple way.

“The Voice of the Future” is a membership program. Try it out now for FREE for 30 days, from then on you pay monthly 9,99 euros (ex VAT).