The mindful routine

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The Mindful Journey is a 7-day program where you will receive via email the tools and a daily scheme to experience more calmness in your daily life in just 7 days. Treat yourself to this for €44 (excl. VAT).



From Thinking To Being 7-Day Mindful Routine

The Mindful Routine is a transformative 7-day experience that provides you with the essential foundation for peace of mind and body.

Are you ready to discover how to enhance your mental well-being in just 7 days? Try the 7-Day Mindful Routine from From Thinking To Being, where you’ll receive with daily emails the tools and a daily schedule to start your day in alignment and carry this tranquility with you throughout your (work) day. As a bonus, you’ll receive an audio on Body Awareness. It forms the cornerstone of your inner balance and offers you a solid foundation for both personal and professional development.

You can purchase the 7-Day Mindful Routine now for €44 (excl. VAT).