Private retreat

Time to find inner peace


Discover where you are now. Purify your body and mind for clarity and insight into your next step. 


Strengthen your earthly power for more self-confidence. Stand firmly on the earth and live life to the fullest. 


Reduce your thoughts. Create more space, peace, and clarity in your mind for simple living.

A new perspective

Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your life. You find yourself standing still. Or maybe you are pushing yourself forward along a path that no longer feels right. You long for time and space for yourself, so that you can investigate a new perspective. 

Whether it concerns your job, relationship, family, or company, it all starts with you. Are you willing to open yourself completely to your unique life journey?  Take the responsibility for your own happiness and wellbeing. Take the time to discover what’s possible during your private retreat

Do you recognize this? 

Do you feel that a current form in either your private or professional life no longer suits you? And that you don’t make new choices because you keep reasoning in circles and clinging to the old?

Do you long for peace, clarity, and confidence to take the next step and look forward? Time and space for yourself to get moving from a new perspective?

Then a private retreat completely tailored to you can help you!

After the retreat, I have found that as each day passes I am feeling clearer about what alignment feels like for me. It’s easier to feel things that are out of alignment. It’s like I just know! Time will tell how this goes but I returned with a sense of more motivation even for small things.

It’s time for big changes though and I think the retreat gave me a sense of ‘I’ll be ok’.

I thought the whole setup was ideal for anyone needing time out and a way to stop the outside world from drowning out your inner voice and would recommend it to anyone. I would say leave expectations at the door and go with it. I will be back!

Alex Smith

Do you experience

Turmoil in your current job, which causes you to lose energy instead of gaining it. 

Uncertainty due to a transition phase such as burnout or outplacement, so that you do not know what step to take next.

Tension when making important decisions within your company results in making no choice at all.

Dissatisfaction in your relationship that you do not dare to express because of fear of the consequences.

Feeling unhappy despite a ‘reasonable’ relationship and job, wondering if there isn’t more to life.

Choose yourself

Choosing yourself is often seen as selfish, but it is precisely by taking good care of yourself that serves everyone best.

During the 2021 lockdown, I took a brave step by leaving my career as a coronavirologist behind. After 25 years of hard work and study, I decided to start my own company called From Thinking to Being. In 2023 I help people on a daily basis to break old patterns and live their most beautiful life. You too can choose yourself without taking such rigorous steps as I did.

Your life journey

Open yourself to your unique life journey and give yourself space to transform. Step out of the daily hustle and bustle and take the time to reflect on where you are now and where you want to go in life. Experience what it feels like to be completely yourself and focus on your personal and professional growth.

During your retreat, you can release blockages and old thoughts, beliefs and identities, break through old patterns and open yourself up to new possibilities and insights. It is an inward journey, where you connect with your own intuition and inner wisdom. On your journey, I am your guide, energetic coach, and catalyst. You purify yourself and can discover what lives deep inside you in order to make a deep connection with yourself. A retreat can lead to more peace, confidence, and inner strength.

I had a great experience with Hélène. I was able to relax and be myself for a few days. She created a program that perfectly suited my needs and guided me in a loving and knowledgeable way. It was exactly what I needed to dive deep into myself and gain new insights. I would highly recommend visiting Hélène if you are looking for a safe, supportive, and inspiring environment to grow and discover who you really are. Thank you Hélène.


Empower yourself

Relax completely during a private retreat and make space for transformation and personal growth. As an energetic coach and space holder, I guide you in clearing old beliefs, thoughts, and patterns that no longer suit you. This way you get closer to your true self and confidently continue your own path.

What can you experience during and after a private retreat?

Peace of mind, because you released limiting beliefs.

∴ Clarity about what your next step in life is.

∴ Strengthened self-confidence, making you feel more comfortable in your own body.

∴ Improved decisiveness, so that you make more conscious choices.

∴ Increased life energy, so that you experience more joy and satisfaction in everyday life.

prive retraite

Make the choice for yourself today

Open yourself to your unique life path and allow yourself a private retreat. Reflect on where you are now and discover the next step on your path that is best for you. Take the time to experience who you really are and where you want to go in life. Choose yourself and discover the power of indulging yourself in safe space for your personal retreat under my loving and experienced guidance.

“Since signing up for the retreat, I already felt much closer to myself, as if I had finally come home in a way I had never experienced before. It was a feeling of home without conditions and I really felt part of a bigger universe. This made me dare to trust myself and my intuition more. I want to thank you for following your path, which made this special experience possible. I recommend it to anyone looking for a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.” 


Private retreat options

private retreat

* 3 days, 2 nights stay
(worth 300 euros)
* All organic vegetarian meals (worth 125 euros) 
* 1x  Energetic head treatment
(worth 125 euros)
* private use wood-fired  sauna

€550 ex VAT

(payment in installments possible)

extension 150 euro
per day/night + meals

private retreat

* Basic private retreat
package (worth 550 euros)
Plus guidance:

* Full-time during retreat, including all sessions (worth 600 euros)
* Upfront 1x energetic intuitive session (worth 100 euros)


€1250 ex VAT

(payment in installments possible)

extension plant medicine journey (Magic truffle or Cannabis)
+ day/night/meals 450 euros

private retreat
and trajectory

* Guided private retreat
package (worth 1250 euros)
Plus coaching trajectory:

* 6x intuitive session
(worth 600 euros)

–100 euros DISCOUNT!–

€1750 ex VAT

(payment in installments possible)

What do I offer you?

If you choose a private retreat with Hélène, you choose a powerful transformation!

During a basic retreat, you will receive one energetic head treatment.

Or opt for a guided retreat where I am available full-time to support you in your process. During the retreat, we regularly check in on what session is most appropriate for you at that time. You will receive a document will all the options upfront (see also the list on this page) and during the retreat each of them can be used unlimitedly. Additionally, you will receive an energetic intuitive session 1 week before your retreat.

A guided retreat can be further expanded with a ceremony with plant medicines. For this, you should extend your stay with an extra day and night. More information can be found on the group retreat page and in the information in the information document.

Do you want powerful support for a longer period of time? Then choose a guided retreat extended with an coaching trajectory, in which you can book six sessions over a period of 1 year.

The included options:

  • energetic head treatment
  • energetic intuitive session
  • body remembers trauma therapy
  • trance journey with drum
  • cacao ceremony
  • yin yoga
  • meditation

The possible extensions:

  • Magic Truffle ceremony
  • Cannabis ceremony


“The private retreat with Hélène changed my life. It was truly a magical experience! The location is beautiful, surrounded by greenery and animals, which immediately creates a sense of tranquility. The food is prepared with love and mostly comes from Hélène‘s own organic garden. Hélène is an excellent host who makes sure everything is perfect. She listens without judgment and flawlessly senses what you are going through. She supports where necessary, but also gives you the space to go through your own processes. I am extremely grateful for this experience and highly recommend Hélène!” – Annemarie

“I recently did a long weekend individual retreat with Hélène and it was fantastic to relax there. The program was completely tailored to my personal needs. The location was a wonderful place where I just could be me,  do absolutely nothing for a while and just be in the moment. Hélène is a great energetic coach and we had very nice conversations that led to valuable insights. At the end of the day, I could relax in the sauna, which was wonderful. Hélène is a loving hostess and made me feel at home. I look back on the weekend with a warm feeling.” – Natascha

“Several times I came to @Hélène and every time it feels like coming home. All this thanks to the relaxing environment, the homemade food, the sauna, and of course Hélène herself. The last time during my private retreat I received an energetic head massage where Hélène guided me on a journey deep within. This has unleashed something so that the way for me as an artist is now clearer than ever. With more self-confidence I now continue my path more purposefully than ever, stating my boundaries firmly and stepping over fears every time. My heart is more open than ever, thanks to Hélène and the home she has to offer.” – Sander

“When I arrived at Hélène’s, my head was full of stories and thoughts that kept haunting me. But after just three days of retreat, I felt completely different. My head was calmer and I no longer had the tendency to keep thinking back to old stories and problems that I couldn’t distance myself from before. The conversations and treatments I had with Hélène all contributed to this. I felt safe and supported throughout the experience, and it was just what I needed to recover and recharge. Thanks!” – Sanne.

Get to know me first?

Do you want to know more about me and my working method and discover how I can help you with your personal growth and development? Book a free 30-minute online discovery call now. During this meeting, we can get acquainted and discuss your specific wishes and needs. Click the button now to schedule a free consultation and take the first step toward inner growth and transformation.

If your interest is serious, I offer the opportunity to experience a first treatment or intuitive session before you make a final decision. If you want to book, the costs of the this treatment will be deducted from the total price. Request a free consultation now to discuss the possibilities. Please note: single treatments cannot be booked.

Close-up of Hélène, energetic coach. Retreats and energetic intuitive sessions for conscious growth and energetic purification. From Thinking To Being.

Frequently asked questions

What does a private retreat look like?

At the agreed time you will be welcomed in your private retreat cottage. After you have settled in, we discuss the planning of the treatments. With a basic retreat you will receive an energetic head treatment, with the guided retreat all sessions as explained in the welcome document are included and possible. We will continue to coordinate on this during your stay. All meals are provided at both retreats, part of which will be ready in your accommodation, another part I will bring at the agreed time. A small snack in between is available, but if you wish to eat specific things in between, please bring your own.

Please note, if you want a guided psychedelic plant medicine tour, you must extend your stay with an extra day and night. Together we discuss in advance what the best plant medicine is for you.

Furthermore, prior to your guided private retreat, you will receive an online energetic intuitive introduction and attunement, and a few weeks afterward there is the possibility of a final conversation.

Which guided sessions are possible?

If you book a guided retreat, we will coordinate during your stay which treatment at which time is most suitable for your process. Think of an energetic head treatment, an energetic intuitive consultation, bodywork such as Body Remembers Trauma Therapy, ceremonies with or without plant medicines, coaching conversations, yoga, and meditations.
Together we look at your current situation. What do your thoughts and the situations you run into have to tell you? It doesn’t matter whether your situation concerns your private life, relationships, or work. We are going to zoom out and take a different perspective. I will take you into the energy of BEING, so that you can purify and release stories, emotions, and whatever else comes up. You will leave your cottage after a few days with renewed energy.

Where do I stay during my private retreat?

You stay fully catered for in your own private retreat house with a living room with a fantastic view of the polder. You also have a bedroom with a double bed and a work/dining room, your own bathroom, and a kitchen. You can enjoy the garden in the summer and cozy up in front of the fireplace in the winter. The cottage is located at the back of the yard of @Hélène retreat center in De Bilt, the Netherlands. Easily accessible by public transport and parking on site.

How does the registration process go / how far in advance do I need to book?

Booking is based on the availability of the private retreat house and myself. Sometimes there is space available at short notice (mainly during the week), but you can also book further in advance (if you would like a weekend). Feel free to contact me to coordinate when your retreat can take place.

If you are interested, request the free welcome document. All information is described in detail here. 

You can also immediately request a free introductory meeting, where I can explain my working method and together we determine whether my offer suits you.

Frequently heard reasons not to opt for a private retreat.

1. I’m not ready yet.
Do you wait until there is so much pain that you hit rock bottom? Many people do, before they realize that they can look at life in a different way. But I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. How intense is your pain (and your longing) now? Then ask yourself if that will change on its own.

2. I can do it alone or online.
Of course, you can do it alone and you are allowed to do it alone. Only it takes much longer, you don’t see your own blind spots and it takes much more pain and effort. So why would you? Of course, you can find all kinds of things online, but the most powerful transformations still happen when you physically immerse yourself in high frequencies, like here at my location in my presence.

3. I let others/my family down when I choose myself.
What’s best for you is also best for everyone around you. Sometimes you need a different perspective to see that. You don’t have to rigorously give up and leave everything behind to start living in accordance with your true self. As they say on the plane: put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else!

4. I don’t have the money (to spare).
How much is more peace, more self-confidence, and an aligned life worth to you? If you feel that my offer resonates with you and is exactly what you need, you can trust that there will be a solution in terms of finances. For my part, I offer you (i) more than monetary value, (ii) the option to pay in installments, and (iii) the option of other forms of exchange, if you are serious about your interest in my offer but your financial resources are really insufficient.

5. I don’t have time for it right now.
If you choose yourself, you make a choice anyway to invest time in yourself. Many people experience after a retreat that the energy that was stuck starts to flow, and it is like they jump onto an express train. This always gives you more time in return, because you live more and more aligned. For the practical planning, we always look together at the most suitable dates and times, so that we also take your family situation into account, for example.