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Private retreat From Thinking To Being @Hélène

Sometimes you need some distance. To see where you hold yourself back in your life.
Which thoughts in your head block your energy and flow.
Which stories limit you from taking that next step.
To live to the fullest. To be trusted. To enjoy.
And by completely being yourself contribute to a more beautiful world.
Do you get stuck in situations or systems that still have a lot of old energy?
You may have reached a tipping point in your relationship. Or you are getting more and more frustrated in your current job.
Do you run into limitations because of your health.
Do you long for a big step in your company?
Or do you keep struggling with other situations that no longer serve you?
How nice would it be if you had someone to help you with this?
So that you can effortlessly see and release the blockages that hold you back.
Someone who immerses you in the pure energy of BEING.
Where you don’t have to play a role and actually don’t even have to do anything.
How effortlessly you get closer to your true self and your greatest potential.
And with an approach that is completely personally tailored to your process, your energy, and your theme!

Private retreat – testimonials

Why @Hélène?

After 25 years of working as the most rational scientist, I finally understood how the thoughts in my head limited me. Kept me small. Made me anxious. My life was mediocre. While I wasn’t unhappy, I didn’t realize how much those thoughts kept me far from peace and flow in life.
Until I started walking the path inside. Looking at my beliefs. I no longer avoided my thoughts, stories and triggers.
In the spring of 2021, From Thinking To Being emerged from this and I ended my career as a virologist. I set up my own retreat center @Hélène and in the meantime, I have already guided many people in their process to really BE themselves and (dare to) live by it.
At @Hélène you are YOU and you don’t have to play a role. There is peace and space for your process.
So that the stories in your head purify one by one in the purity of being.
And don’t worry, I’m still standing with both feet on the ground. Often literally, barefoot, in the vegetable garden. But certainly also figuratively, I’ve always been allergic to vagueness. But because there is more than what you can see directly or observe with common analytical instruments, I like to look at the world and life from a new perspective.

A private retreat @Hélène is very suitable for you if you

feel that life can be more beautiful, grander, and more effortless,
you want to break the grind of your current job, relationship or life,
open to new experiences,
you want to clear yourself of old energies and patterns that no longer serve you,
and all in a new way!
I totally understand how frightening this might be. And that’s okay. I’ve got your back. But you must be willing to take responsibility for your process and your own happiness!
Are you in doubt? Please contact me and together we will see if this retreat is something for you.
And yes, you can do it yourself. Only. But then it takes a lot longer. It does cost you much more effort and frustration. And the biggest blind spots and limiting beliefs tend to keep hiding very well…I know from my own experience 😉
Do you want to really start living, rather than surviving? Living in a more aligned way, with confidence and from peace and flow?
Then a private retreat @Hélène is perfect for you!
You gain more self-confidence and become more in alignment with who you are and what you have to bring. Whether it is in your private life, your relationships, or in your work or business.
You become clear about what is important to you and you see where you can and can take the next step and dare to make choices. And because you have lost those old beliefs and stories, your reality will change.

What do I offer you?

A private retreat here at location @Hélène is the perfect place to step into your process. It is often exciting, so I offer you the peace, space and pure energy to walk your own path. It is precisely by stepping out of your current living/working situation and staying here that this process becomes more powerful and easier. We continuously adjust my guidance and the tools I use for this during your retreat. Think of an energetic head massage, energetic consultation, bodywork such as Body Remembers Trauma Therapy, ceremonies with or without plant medicines, coaching conversations, yoga and meditations.
Together we look at your current situation. What do your thoughts and the situations you run into have to tell you? Into your desires. It doesn’t matter whether it concerns your private life, relationships, or work. We’re going to zoom out and take a different perspective. And then I take you into the energy of BEING, so that you can purify and release stories, emotions and whatever else comes up. And step out into your new reality.
If you opt for an additional guidance trajectory, I will support you in your process for 3 months. You will then have unlimited opportunities to tune in during the process.

How does a private retreat look like?

You stay fully catered for in your own private retreat house with a relaxation room with a fantastic view of the polder. You also have a bedroom with a double bed and a work/dining room, your own bathroom, and a kitchen. You can enjoy the garden in the summer and cozy up in front of the fireplace in the winter.
For the basic retreat you get 2 nights, all meals (organic, vegetarian, homemade), and a mega-powerful energetic head treatment from me. This can be booked directly through the shop. I will contact you about the possible dates.
The Be You retreat always starts with an introductory meeting. In addition to the basic retreat, you will receive an energetic consultation or main treatment before and after. You will receive the options for your retreat in advance in a document and I will be constantly available for your process during your stay. We fill in the program based on your wishes and where the energy takes us. A deep dive!
Private retreats can be extended with an extra day and overnight stay where you have the option of making a plant medicine trip with Magic Truffles or Cannabis bonbons. Click here for more information about inner journeys with plant medicines.
Free yourself from the thoughts in your head, all the stories, and voices that keep you small. And live to the fullest again!

From Thinking To Being

Private retreat

  • 3 days, 2 nights * (day 1 11 am- day 3 2 pm) (worth 300 euro) 
  • all meals, homemade, organic and vegetarian ** (worth 100 euro) 
  • 1x energetic head treatment during your stay (worth 100 euro)
  • Private use of wood-fired sauna
  • Total price: 500 euro ex VAT


* 1 extra day, night, incl meals: 150 euro
** 2nd person 250 euro, extra day/night 50 euro


Private retreat
Be You

  • Everything from the Basic Private retreat (worth 500 euro)
  • Full time coaching during retreat, incl all treatments (worth 400 euro)
  • 1x Energetic consultation/ treatment before retreat (worth 100 euro)
  • 1x Energetisch consultation/ treatment after retreat (worth 100 euro)
  • Total price: from 1100 euro now 975 euro ex VAT (payment in terms possible)

Are you returning customer? Get a 100 euro discount!


Extra option:
3 months purification

  • Unlimited online energetic coaching/consultation (worth 1250 euro)
  • Total period: 3 months
  • Total price: when added to a private retreat from 1250 euros now for 1000 euro ex BTW (payments in terms possible)

Extra option:
plant medicine inner journey 

  • Additional day and night with facilitated plant medicine inner journey (choose between Magic Truffle or Cannabis)
  • Total price: 450 euro ex VAT
Free yourself from the thoughts in your head, all the stories, and voices that keep you small. And live to the fullest again!
Is this what you want?
Book then right now! I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further details and planning.
Would you like to get to know me and my working method first?
Book a free online 30-minute introductory meeting and get a 50% discount on your first energetic treatment or consultation
(can be booked via the shop or by telephone).


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