Private retreat @Hélène

For whom is a private retreat @Hélène suited? 

Do you suffer from repetitive thoughts in your head, restlessness, or wanting to control situations by thinking out scenarios? Do you want to feel more rather than thinking? Are you looking for time for yourself, peace, reflection, and silence? Do you want more insights into why you keep running into the same situations or persons, how you can break and let go of old patterns and beliefs, and clarity about how you can make new choices? Then I invite you with love for a private ‘From Thinking To Being’ retreat!

My philosophy is that the growth of your consciousness is the basis for transforming from thinking to being. To make choices for the way you want to live, to live as you really are. Of course, this goes step by step. It starts with the willingness to recognize your own role in your process. We will discover the next steps together and you can experience how ‘from thinking to being’ feels for you so that you can start living this more and more.

What does a private retreat look like?

You will stay in your own private retreat house with a relaxation room that has a fantastic view. You have a bedroom with a double bed, an office space, a private bathroom, and a kitchen. You can enjoy the garden in the summer and cozy up in front of the fireplace in the winter.

All retreats start with an online meeting to get to know each other and to learn what are current topics in your life. Based on this, we will tailor your retreat to your wishes and needs. One week before the start of your retreat, you will receive an assignment to prepare yourself. After your retreat (1-2 weeks later) there is the opportunity to have a final coaching call (online, @Hélène or during a walk) to further integrate the results of your transformation process.

During your stay, breakfast and lunch will be served in the cottage and dinner will be served every day at around 6.30 pm.

What are your gains?  

  • You gain insight into patterns and limiting beliefs that limit you
  • You learn to know yourself and your desires
  • You will receive tools to free yourself from the limitations of your mind
  • You gain clarity about the next step(s) in your life
  • You solve energetic blockages
  • You learn to live in the moment
  • You experience what it feels like to BE
  • You get more peace in your head, mind and body
  • You live more in alignment with who you really are

I support you in unraveling the stories in your head through my experience, intuition, gifts and universal wisdom. So that you can make new choices from increased consciousness that are aligned with who you really are! With love, Hélène

From Thinking To Being arrangement

Private arrangement

Do you want to experience more peace of mind and get closer to your true self? Then book a fully catered individual stay in our private retreat cottage. Together, we will decide on the form and content of your retreat. Always tailored to your wishes and needs and focused on the theme that is topical.

Arrangement for couples

Do you experience patterns in your relationship that no longer serve the both of you? If you feel there is space to grow your awareness together, with both of you as individuals as a starting point, then this retreat is for you and your partner. We determine the form and content together in advance.

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