Live now

 in the new earth energy


Tune in to the most pure energy. Let go of the old and create space for the new earth energy.


Live as your authentic earthly self and share your unique contribution. Make world a little more beautiful.


Simplify and return to yourself. Experience inner peace and confidence and come home to your true self.

You have a dream

For yourself and for the new world. Sometimes you feel the new energy completely. What you have to do. Where your life energy starts flowing.

The next moment panic sets in. What was I thinking? You are afraid that the new world you dream of is an illusion after all. Because when you look around you mainly see misery.

But at the same time, you realise again that nothing will be the way it once was. And that you can never go back.

Do you recognize this?

You live consciously and you increasingly let go of old patterns, systems, habits, and thoughts. But you feel that you do not yet fully embody the new energy.

Old energies can, consciously or unconsciously, hold you back and cause you to live and work in fear rather than act out of love.

Where are you now?

∴ You feel lonely and misunderstood because your outlook on life is different from those around you.

∴ You doubt whether it is possible to really live and work from that higher frequency, so that you do not dare to fully follow your own path.

∴ Your daily life brings with it situations of heavy, old energy, which regularly cause you to get frustrated and stuck.

∴ You are faced with an important decision in your job or company, but you do not yet dare to take action because of the possible consequences.

∴ Your relationship is under strain and you no longer feel completely comfortable being yourself.

I had the courage to walk

The old earth energy tries to convince us of lack, fear, and struggle. It tells us that we are not good enough and that we can only find peace by working hard and keeping everything under control. But know that none of this is true


In 2018 the gate opened for me and I started clearing the old. This process came with many challenges – I lost virtually all my friends, my relationship of 17 years ended and I said goodbye to my job as a virologist -. I had to figure everything out on my own, but I had the courage to keep walking and the turn signals on my soul journey appeared on their own.

Now, in 2023, I mainly live and work from the new world energy – from peace, confidence, and alignment. I have my own thriving retreat center in the middle of the Netherlands where I support others to follow their own soul journey.

I know it’s not easy to let go of the old energy and embrace the new, but I can assure you it’s worth it. So much more is possible than we could ever imagine!


Let’s walk together

Whether you are stuck in your relationship, job, company, or in situations with the people around you, The Voice of the Future offers you the key to transformation, inspiration, and clearing of stuck energy. With the broadcasts, I support you in reflection and contemplation. This will bring you closer to your true self and discover what you really want.

Together we walk the new path and bring what we have to bring to this world. The more people embodying the higher frequency, the faster and more effortless the transition to the new earth becomes. In addition to the broadcasts, you will find like-minded people in the community of The Voice of The Future with whom you can chat and meet. And as icing on the cake, I organize a monthly Q&A in which you can ask me all your questions. Let’s move together toward your brightest future.

“You ask beautiful questions and you take me to specific places in my body, memory or experience. Great to relax and take a moment to think about what “is”.

“Beautiful teachings that are valuable for many people to become aware of what they feel and how they can deal with themselves”.

“Attractive to listen at a time that suits you. And that you can repeat them more often.”

On your way to a magical life

In the broadcasts of The Voice of The Future I use my energy as a catalyst to set your own energy in motion and support your transformation. This helps you to let go of old patterns, beliefs, and habits more easily and to get closer to your true self. I put you in touch with the new earth energy, making it easier and easier to embody this energy. You will gain more confidence in higher frequencies, and outside triggers that previously unbalanced you will affect you less. In short, you will no longer survive, but live. Life becomes magical!

Portrait of Hélène, energetic coach. Retreats and energetic intuitive sessions for conscious growth and energetic purification. From Thinking To Being.



∴ Welcome more peace of mind and less worry about the future.

∴ Discover your life energy and let it flow through curiosity.

∴ Get clarity about the direction you want to go.

∴ Experience synchronicity and always meet the right people and resources to achieve your goals.

∴ Gain self-confidence and dare to choose yourself, while taking the next step in alignment.

∴ Let enthusiasm prevail because you see possibilities instead of impossibilities.

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“With universal themes, I still have the feeling that you are talking to me personally. Very down to earth.”

“The subjects are very valuable and useful in this day and age. You know how to touch and inspire people.”

“Little moments for myself. Silence, reflection and contemplation.”

What is The Voice?

Energetic transformation on your phone! Experience the power of our membership:

∴ Access to The Voice Community and The Voice Broadcasts via the Mighty Networks app.

Immerse yourself in the new earth energy anytime, anywhere.

∴ Weekly two audio broadcasts of 10-20 minutes for purification and activation on various topics.

∴ Monthly live Q&A sessions, where you can ask me your questions about transformation and your process.

∴ A community to connect, chat and meet up with like-minded people.

Downloads of the audio’s broadcasted during your membership.

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∴ A membership costs 9.99 euros per month (ex VAT).

∴ You can cancel free of charge at the end of your membership period.

Frequently asked questions

Is The Voice of The Future for me?

Are you living consciously, do you take responsibility for your own processes and do associated inner work? Do you resonate with the terms new earth, new time, new world, or dimensions? Then The Voice of the Future is definitely for you!

How do the broadcasts work?

They are audios that contain an experience. Because of the energy they contain, you will transform old energies. Energies that no longer serve you and that you are consciously or unconsciously ready to release. It is important to realize that I do not do anything to or with you, ‘put in you’ or ‘change about you’. Because of what I activate within you, you can move stuck energy in you and you may experience thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations. You don’t have to worry about this, it’s part of the purification process.

Why are the broadcasts in English?

I often receive the words with the highest energy in the English language. Because they bring a higher frequency, they are therefore also the most powerful to support you. If you are not fluent in English, don’t worry. What matters is the catalyst energy contained in the broadcasts and not the exact meaning of the words. If you want, you can listen to them several times to better absorb the words but know that this is not necessary.

Are the broadcasts meditations or channelings?

They are not meditations in the sense that you don’t have to focus on your breathing or examine what’s going on in your mind. You just have to be, experience, and let rise what comes up.
The broadcasts are not channelings in the sense of “something or someone” taking over from me or using my body to talk through. I am attuned to my unique energy and the energy field around me from where I give you the message of that moment. The energy behind the words act as a catalyst for converting old energy into new.

Are the broadcasts dreamy or floaty?

No, the broadcasts are about topics of everyday life and the energy conversions are very down to earth.

Can I share the broadcasts with others?

No, your membership is only for you. If you know someone who also might grant from this purification or who is interested, please refer them to this website. They can also become a free member of The Voice of the Future for a month so that they can decide for themselves whether it is valuable to them. It is important that everyone takes ownership of his or her own process.

Why a new app and not via e.g. Facebook?

Mighty networks is a teaching community and network. It has a very user-friendly platform, which is used by many conscious communities. Alternatives like Facebook contain a lot of old heavy energy and there is often such an overload of messages that you can no longer find what you are looking for. With the Mighty networks app on your phone you have a very direct connection to the new earth energy.

How, when and how often can/should I listen?

You can listen to the broadcasts while walking, sitting or lying down, but try to pay attention. You don’t have to understand all the words exactly, but it is important that you really take the time for yourself. You can listen to recordings whenever, wherever and however often you want. Two audios are posted per week. The monthly Q&As are also recorded and can be listened to at any time.

If you want to listen to older recordings, choose a subject that appeals to you or that draws your attention. You can listen to them directly online or download them for your own use and as often as you want. Assume that you will always find the right one.

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