Mindfulness retreats

Multi-day group retreats for sustainable inner peace

I want to gain

* More peace of mind 
* Increased mental health 
* More self-confidence
* A solution -oriented mindset

I want to reduce

* Feelings of overwhelm
* Mental clutter
* Worries in my head
* Physical & mental stress

I want to learn

* To bring in more awareness
* How to make healthier decisions
* To increase self-leadership
* Sustainable ways to improve my life

Mindfulness retraites

Group retreats where you can completely relax and unwind. With various energetic group sessions, teachings and tools to support your personal process. You transform your energetic blockages and gain insights, allowing you to return home with more inner peace.
Your reset in your busy life.

Agenda 2024 

 Netherlands, de Bilt

June 24-28 
November 14-17 
November 18-22 

France, Dordogne

Sept 21-27
** receive 111 euros discount when booking before July 1, 2024 **

Agenda 2025 

Ireland, Cork

April 22-26
** receive 10% discount when booking before October 1, 2024 **
*** receive a free private session worth 150 euros when booking before January 1, 2025 ***

” It was fantastic! Having the time and space to delve into my own world and being was truly enriching. Moreover, the balance, the contemplative atmosphere, the sense of purpose, the activities, and the explorations were all significant. In short, very enjoyable and pleasant, and that has everything to do with the style and the atmosphere Hélène created.”

Mariken Straat, The Netherlands

“After my retreat and the sessions, I renewed my courage and made an important step in my professional life.
In addition, I remembered what is most important in my life: family, friends, but first of all myself…”

Eduardo Barra Cordeiro, Brazil

During the three days, so much energy had already been set in motion. What was still blocked, where I was still unconsciously holding myself back, was very relaxedly resolved in the one-on-one energetic session. It’s so special what started moving while I was just lying there. It has given me tremendous clarity!”

Monique van de Sande, The Netherlands

Mindfulness retreat options


The Netherlands

Location & Date

Retreat center @Hélène, de Bilt (Utrecht), The Netherlands

2024, June 24-28
2024, Nov 14-17
2024, Nov 18-22


Retreat center @Hélène, homely, pure energy, max 4 persons, private room, wood-fired sauna, garden, close to historic city Utrecht, easy to reach by public transport and car.


4 days: 825 euros ex VAT
5 days: 999 euros ex VAT


Homely rooms, single occupancy, shared bathroom, separate toilet


* Accommodation 3 or 4 nights at retreat center @Hélène

* All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (vegetarian, organic, home-made)

* Energetic group sessions 
* Awareness practises 
* Body remembers trauma therapy

* Yin yoga
* Free Flow Writing

* Cacao ceremony
* Group hike
* Wood-fired sauna
* 1 private session (energetic head treatment)


An additional (2nd) private session (intuitive coaching, energetic head treatment or intuitive massage) can be booked during the retreat for 150 euros ex VAT


* None at the moment


Location & Date

Mansion in Jumilhac-le-grand, Dordogne, France 

2024, Sept 21-27 


Mansion, high energy transformative location, 12 persons, shared rooms, spacious garden, swimming pool, river, lake, forest and castle.
Train connection from Paris to Limoges or use (rental) car


7 days: 1.616 euros ex VAT

* Early bird price 1.515 euros ex VAT if you book your ticket before July 1, 2024


* Shared rooms at retreat mansion or in a mansion close by
* Camping in the mansion garden (bring your own tent) 
* Own private accommodation at B&B in nearby village (at own expense & when having own transportation)


* All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (vegetarian organic home-made meals)

* Energy sessions 
* Awareness practises 
* Body remembers trauma therapy
* Yin yoga 

* Free flow writing
* Cacao ceremony
* Group hike 
* Lake swim
* 1 private session
* 1 online group session after retreat


* Second private session can be pre-booked or booked at location depending on availability (150 euros)


* Early bird offer: 111 euros DISCOUNT if you book your ticket before July 1, 2024

* Looking to save more on your retreat experience? We’re offering a limited number of spots at a discount in exchange for some daily household tasks. Interested? Send a private message to learn more about the opportunities.


Location & Date

Ballymaloe Grainstore, Cork,

2025, April 22-26


Luxury retreat, 25 persons, single room, high transformative energy place, hiking, sea swimming 
Flight connections to Dublin and Cork, or train from Dublin to Cork


5 days from 2.290 euros pp ex VAT

* Early bird offer: 10% DISCOUNT if you book your ticket before October 1, 2024

* FREE private session worth 150 euros if you book your ticket before January 1, 2025


Ballymaloe House Hotel, single or double occupancy:
– Heritage room single: 2.780 euros ex VAT
– Classic room single: 2.980 euros ex VAT
– Heritage room double or twin bed: 4.580 euros for 2 persons ex VAT (2290 ex VAT pp)
– Classic room double or twin bed:  4.780 euros for 2 persons ex VAT (2390 ex VAT pp)


* All breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (vegetarian organic home-made meals)
* Energy sessions
* Awareness practises
* Body remembers trauma therapy
* Yin yoga 
* Free flow writing
* Cacao ceremony
* Group hike 
* Sea swim (weather dependent)
* Online group session after retreat


* A private session can be pre-booked or booked at  location depending on availability (150 euros)


* 10% DISCOUNT if you book your ticket before October 1, 2024

* FREE private session worth 150 euros if you book your ticket before January 1, 2025

The From Thinking To Being method.

Close-up of Hélène, energetic coach. Retreats and energetic intuitive sessions for conscious growth and energetic purification. From Thinking To Being.

The “From Thinking To Being” method will be applied during the various program components. It combines energetic transformation with increasing your awareness to support the deprogramming and reset of your conditioned mind and thought patterns. This is a natural process, but it is greatly enhanced by my presence in the energetic field and at locations specifically selected. Energetic blockages that contribute to restlessness, limiting thoughts, overthinking, doubt, and self-criticism are gradually broken down so that you get more inner peace.

During a retreat under my guidance, you fully immerse yourself in this field where old patterns, thoughts, etc., can be cleared away. The energetic transformation and purification will take place throughout the entire retreat.

The power of a multi-day retreat lies in progressing through the various steps of the process at your pace and to much deeper levels than we can reach in a single day. From arriving and settling in at the location to feeling energetically safe to open up, to experiencing energetic transformations, and integrating the process.

If you would like support to integrate the new version of yourself on all levels of your life, I offer you an additional package with 1 year support according to the method.


“I am so much lighter than when I walked through your door. Some pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. I’m not there yet, but the first huge step has been taken. And that feels very good. I felt so welcome and at home in your lovely house. I went in pretty naieve and what I couldn’t have dreamed of happened. Such a beautiful experience, and you, Hélène, were such a great support to me. Because you are so calm and relaxed and so pure and yourself, I can and should just be myself. And that feels damn nice in the busy world we live in.” Leonie, 42 years, The Netherlands

“Hélène works with her intuition and knowledge to clarify and help you gain more insight into yourself. The energetic “massages” she does works extremely well to gain deeper insights, but also to regain movement in other layers of your body. Very fascinating. I went home after the retreat with a completely different and positive feeling.” Diana Belfor, 51 years, The Netherlands

“When I arrived at Hélène’s place, my head was full of stories and thoughts that kept haunting me. For example, I couldn’t stop following news about the war. But after only three days of retreat, I felt completely different. My head was calmer and I no longer had the urge to keep consuming informatioin” – Female, 36 years, Belgium

“Before I came to Hélène’s retreat, my thinking was predominant and took up a lot of space. The attention and guidance I received from Helene allowed me to focus more on other areas of myself. I have (again) discovered that my body is a nice home and that inspiration lives in me again. Thank you Helene for this valuable experience.” – Y., female, 28 years, The Netherlands

“I experienced beautiful exercises and treatments. Everything took place in a relaxing and intimate setting. I am extremely grateful for this special experience and can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a deeper connection with themselves”.
Male, 41 years, The Netherlands.

“I learned that I had many work/financial beliefs (such as: I’m not good enough) and Hélène lovingly and cleanly guided me through this. Nice to have more insight into this and tools to dive into it further. Any insights are invaluable, thanks!”- Irene

“From the moment I arrived I felt welcome and this feeling continued throughout the long weekend. The guidance was excellent and the meals were truly delicious. I can wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a program that is both soothing and insightful, and where you get to know yourself better and connect with others. Thank you again for this unique experience”. – Natasja, 34 years, The Netherlands

These were fantastic days! The program was very healing…. I was able to let go of a lot of noise in my mind and noticed that I am feeling much more powerful now.” – Female, 41 years, Belgium

“After the retreat I have much more energy. And I also notice a better balance in my interaction with others. This way I dare to stay closer to myself and indicate my limits” – Caroline, 38 years, Belgium

“Hélène has a special gift to feel when she should be there for you and when a little more distance is appropriate. This gave me a sense of safety and security.” – Bernie

“I feel reborn and more rested than when I arrived! Thank you very much for this valuable experience.” – Lisanne, 32 years, The Netherlands

“With Hélène it always feels like coming home. I received an energetic head treatment in which she guided me on a journey deep within. With more self-confidence I now continue my path, where I strongly indicate my limits and I do not let myself stop by fears. My heart is more open than ever, thanks to Hélène and the home she has to offer.” – Sander

“Since signing up for the retreat, I already felt much closer to myself, as if I had finally come home in a way I had never experienced before. It was a feeling of home without conditions and I really felt part of a greater whole. This allowed me to trust myself and my intuition more.” – Caroline, 38 years, Belgium

Frequenty asked questions

Who can benefit from these Mindfulness retreats?

If you’re seeking to enhance your overall well-being, reduce stress, overcome overthinking, and gain healthy control over your life, then this retreat could be ideal for you!

Whether you’re new to retreats or have attended many in the past, what matters most is your openness to change, to letting go of what no longer serves you, and allowing the process to unfold naturally. Come and experience how you can get peace of mind by going beyond the mind. From Thinking To Being.

The From Thinking To Being method is designed to reset the mind through energetic deprogramming and heightening awareness. Often, it’s our conditioned thoughts, patterns, and identities that hold us back. Are you ready for a new experience? Regardless of your background or level of experience—whether you’re a novice or a seasoned practitioner, spiritual, religious, or atheist—you’re welcome here. Whether you’re at a crossroads in life, facing a relationship crisis, or feeling stuck in a job that no longer aligns with your aspirations, this retreat offers you a space to explore, release, and grow. With a focus on both personal and professional development, your current situation serves as the starting point for evolving into the best version of yourself. Gain clarity, confidence, and step into the new chapter of your life with peace of mind.

Both men and women from a diverse age range join these retreats. Typically, slightly more than 50% are women, with an average range between 30 and 60 (but if you are younger or older, you are also more than welcome!).

Where will I stay?

All locations are selected due to their high energy, each of them having their own specific features.

Retreat center @Hélène is a small-scale homely place in the middle of the Netherlands (de Bilt) where you can join a group retreat of up to 4 people. During the Mindfulness retreats you will stay in a single room. During your homely stay, you will have a shared bathroom and a separate toilet. You can also use the wood-fired sauna, the garden, or sit in front of the fireplace. This retreat includes 1 private session for every participant. You can book for an additional fee a 2nd private session at the location. 

The Mansion in Jumilac-le-grand is a large house at a very high energy location in the Dordogne, France. At this location, we will give retreats for up to 12 people. You will have a shared room (2-4 people) either in the mansion itself or at a closeby location. If you prefer to have your own private room, you can bring your tent and camp in the beautiful garden surrounding the mansion. If you wish a more luxury accommodation, please search for B&Bs in the nearby villages. Private sessions are possible based on availability for an additional fee of 150 euros. 

The Ballymaloe Grainstore, Cork, Ireland is a very beautiful location for our high end luxury retreat for 12-25 persons. It is a meticulously restored 17th-century farm building transformed into a unique venue in 2010, with a spacious light filled ground floor and luxury rooms in the Grainstore hotel. You can choose between heritage and classic rooms with either a single or double occupancy. Private sessions are possible based on availability for an additional fee of 150 euros. 

How does the program look like?

The Mindfulness retreats according to the From Thinking To Being method are one-of-a-kind wellbeing retreats. It are immersive days where you will focus on increasing peace of mind by going beyond the mind. For this, we will offer various sessions focused on relaxing and restoring your body and mind, as well as to empower you to live a more connected and conscious life. 

You will be guided by Hélène (energy practicioner, facilitator, and coach) and you will  enjoy group sessions like energetic transformational sessions, teachings, yoga, walking, nourishing food, and more. All retreats will have dedicated set up according to the From Thinking To Being method, where energetic work is combined with bringing awareness, so that sustainable transformation and a reset of your mind can take place. For you to enjoy more peace of mind. As Hélène works at the energetic levels, there will be a certain degree in flexibility in the program. Also here, she invites you to go beyond the mind and be open to that what happens, without overthinking or strictly holding on to a fixed program. 

You will find a preliminary schedule in the free information document about the Mindfulness retreats that you can request on this page.

How can I book and pay?

For the retreats in the Netherlands, France and Ireland, you can follow the links on this page and book your ticket directly through the webshop. You will receive a confirmation per email. Applications are processed in the order they are received.

If you have any questions or wonder whether this might be something for you, please schedule your free and non-obligatory discovery call with me and I will be happy to talk with you: Discovery call calender

Frequently heard excuses not to book a retreat

1. I’m not ready yet.
Are you waiting until the pain becomes so unbearable that you hit rock bottom? Many people do, before realizing that they may need to look at life differently. But I don’t wish that upon anyone. How big is your pain (and your desire) now? Then ask yourself if it will change on its own.

2. I can do it alone or online.
Of course, you can do it alone and you’re allowed to do it alone. However, doing it alone takes much longer, you won’t see your own blind spots, and it takes much more pain and effort. So why would you? While you can find plenty of resources online, the most powerful transformations still occur when you physically immerse yourself in high frequencies, such as here at my location in my presence.

3. I’m abandoning others/my family if I choose myself.
What’s best for you is also best for everyone around you. Sometimes you need a different perspective to see that. You don’t have to drastically give up and leave everything behind to live in alignment with your true self. As they say on the airplane: put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else!

4. I don’t have the money (for it).
How much is more peace, more confidence, and living in alignment worth to you? If you feel that my offering resonates with you and is exactly what you need, you can trust that a financial solution will come. From my side, I offer you (i) more value than can be expressed in money, (ii) the option to pay in installments, and (iii) the possibility of other forms of exchange, if you are serious about your interest in my offering but the financial means are truly insufficient. (iv) Sometimes there is the possibility to finance such an investment in your own personal and professional development from a training budget through your employer. You need to inquire about this yourself, and I can tailor an offer with a coaching trajectory and/or training

5. I don’t have time for it (now).
When you choose yourself, you’re already making a choice to invest time in yourself. Many people experience after a retreat that the energy that was stuck starts flowing, so they get on a fast track. This always gives you more time than the investment, because you start living more in alignment.