The 7 -day mindful journey

your basic routine for inner peace


Find calmness in a pure foundation. Inner peace and serenity are also possible for you. It all starts from within.   


Daily practices to reconnect with youself. Opening the space to grow and start listening to your inner voice. 


Simple steps to build your personal practice. For mental health and inner balance.  

 Do you long for more “Being” than “Thinking”?
More peace of mind and confidence?
A healthy inner and outer balance


Experience how you can change the perspective on your daily life in just 7 days

Your health and well-being suffer from overthinking and mental pressure. But you can’t escape the rat race.

You like your job. But the balance between work and private life is often very skewed.

You know you want to make a change in your life. But you have no idea where to start.

You secretly ask yourself: is this it? But you think you can’t complain.

It’s time to start your mindful journey!

Ready to build a solid foundation in 7 days so that you are more balanced physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?

So that your well-being increases and you experience more inner peace.

So that you become more confident and have more healthy control over your life.

The 7-day Mindful Journey From Thinking To Being offers you exactly that!

I will give you tools and a daily schedule via email so that you can experience in 7 days what more “Being” and less “Thinking” feels like for you. And in addition, you build a solid foundation for further personal and professional growth!

Inner peace starts within yourself. The 7-day mindful journey offers you the tools and a daily schedule to experience exactly that!

The 7-day Mindful Journey

The start of your journey to inner balance and peace.

What do you get?

∴ 7 emails with a daily scheme and inspiration.
∴ 4 tools to create more peace in your daily life. 
∴ 1 scheme to continue your path after this journey

∴ BONUS: 1 audio on Body Awareness

Investment in yourself?

∴ 30 minutes (max) per day
∴ 44 euros (ex VAT) one time

The voice of the future for energetic purification with broadcasts and community

Frequently asked questions

Is the 7-day mindful journey for me?

If you have a lot of unrest in your head, a lot of stories that keep you stuck in the past or in the future, you worry a lot in your head, you try to keep control over situations by overthinking, or you experience other limitations in your head, then the 7-day mindful journey is for you!

But also: if you resonate with From Thinking To Being, if you are relatively new on the path of personal development, if you have done some mindfulness practices but still looking for a solid foundation, if you want to level up your own empowerment, if you want to take better care for yourself, if you are ready to take healthy charge of your own life, then the Mindful Journey offers you the essential and solid foundation on which you can build further.

What happens after the mindful journey?

After the mindful journey, you have everything you need (the tools and a scheme) to continue strengthening your foundation on a daily basis yourself.

If you prefer, I can of course also keep on supporting you. One option is to join the Power-up Practice Program, where you will continue to work with the basics you learned in the 7-day mindful journey.

I offer the Power-up Practice Program as an upsell to the 7-day mindful journey (you can add it today to your cart once you fill in your payment details). But you can also buy it later once you finish the 7-day mindful journey (you will find a link in one of the final emails of the journey).

What do I need for the journey?

You first and foremost need the commitment to invest in yourself. Because inner peace starts within yourself.

If you decide to join the 7-day challenge you also need
– 30 minutes per day
– a pen and journal
– a comfortable spot
– comfortable clothes
– one-time investment of 44 euros for the tools and scheme

I want to grow my inner peace for only 44 euros (ex VAT)