Struggling in science?

Empower yourself today! 

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Get clarity about where you are now and what can change. Empower yourself and take healthy control.


Receive support in a down-to-earth way. Become step-by-step happier in your work and your life.


Let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs in your mind. Gain self-confidence and peace of mind.

Do you recognize this?

Are you exhausted at the end of the working week, yet you still feel like you have not done enough?

Do you believe you have no choice but to join the rat race to secure your job?

Are you held back by bureaucratic systems and do you continue to feel dependent on others?

Do you notice that you often let others – or the situation – determine your state of mind?

Do you suffer from stress, but do you feel unsafe to raise issues or ask for support?


Do you feel trapped in the system?

You are very passionate and motivated about your work in science.

But you also notice the downside. The preconditions that working in the scientific world entails. Which you often take for granted.

Unfortunately, this downside often has a negative effect on your well-being. High stress levels and other workplace-related uncertainties in the scientific world are often the cause of burnouts and other mental and/or physical problems.

The downside of working in academia.

The enormous pressure to publish frequently and in high-impact journals, the great competition for resources and positions, the high workload with long working hours and high expectations lead to significant stress.

Working with short-term contracts, uncertainty about funding, limited tenure track positions and the pressure to obtain research grants contribute to the uncertainty. Many academics also feel unsupported by their institutions and managers, making it even more difficult to deal with these challenges. Together with the bias in decisions about appointments and promotion, this contributes to feelings of insecurity.

Finally, the scientific world increasingly appears to be an unsafe environment due to discrimination, intimidation and bullying in the workplace.

Do you want to feel less dependent?


Empower yourself and take healthy control

The truth is, you’re not going to change the systems. Not overnight anyway.

But you do have the opportunity to deal with situations in a different way!

This means you no longer feel so dependent.
This makes your job in science more fun.
This gives you a better work-life balance.
This gives you more peace of mind.

” We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

I’ve been on this journey, so I know what you’re up against. I can support you in your process.

My first advice: don’t wait for others to change the situation and make you happy, because only you can do that yourself.
The second piece of advice: experiment without bias to see what works for you. And let go of what no longer serves you.

Are you open to a new experiment? Then request my free audio now. This takes the first step towards more peace of mind, more self-confidence and more healthy control over your life. Get in today and experience what it does for you!

Choose and empower yourself

In 2021, after 25 years of hard work in academia, I decided to quit my job as scientific researcher and leave academia.

I decided to start my own company called From Thinking to Being. Now, in 2023, I help people on a daily basis to empower themselves, get out of their minds, look at their beliefs and let them experience different perspectives. This gives them more peace, more self-confidence and more joy in their work and life.

You too can choose to take healthy control of your work and life, without having to take such drastic steps as I did! I offer you the safe space to explore step by step what suits you!

What do you get when you work with me

∴ …more peace in your mind

∴ …more feeling in your body

∴ …be less affected by what others think, do, or say

∴ …more self-confidence

∴ …more clarity about what works for you

∴ …greater decision-making skills

∴ …more space to do what you are really good at

What others say about my audios

“Beautiful teachings that are valuable for many people, to become aware of what they feel and how they can better deal with themselves and what is going on around them. ”

“You always bring me a new perspective when I’m stuck.”

“Little moments for myself. Silence, reflection and contemplation.”

* your personal information will be used for processing your information request, use of the website, and other purposes described in the privacy conditions.