Empower yourself

and investigate your perspective


See yourself in its most pure form. Examine your thoughts and the stories in your mind.


Increase your well-being on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


Inner peace from a new perspective. Come home to yourself.

Are you someone who

Has a lot going on in your mind and do you have difficulty stopping your thoughts?

Finds it easier to care for others than to stand up for yourself?

∴ Is exhausted at the end of the working week, but without feeling satisfied?

∴ Participates in the rat race because you think that is what is expected of you and everyone does it?

∴ Sometimes feels powerless because situations do not change?

An open gate with a field behind it, symbolziing the open road after an inner journey with plant medicines

Live events: Empower yourself

  2024: 10am-4pm
Jan 23
Jan 24
March 6
March 7

Price: 199 euros (ex VAT)

Location: Retreat center @Hélène
De Bilt (close to Utrecht), The Netherlands

Do you long for

More inner peace because you take time for reflection.

More self-confidence because you transform the stories in your mind

More clarity so you see that you have a choice

More balance in your work and private life so that you have less stress.

More well-being by letting go of negative patterns.

Live more authentically by seeing your unique strength.



The gate to your inner journey with plant medicines. Ceremonial retreats for increasing consciousness.

Inner peace is possible

When I was still working as a scientific researcher at the university, I worked extremely hard and joined the rat race. Because my mind thought that I should work and live like everyone else. These stories in my mind resulted in stress and burnout. If only I had had the courage to pause for a moment…

I needed my wake-up call to start looking at life – and what is important to me – with a different perspective. That experience opened my eyes to how I could work to develop more inner peace and confidence in myself and in life.

Since 2021, I have been guiding people during retreats and coaching to achieve inner peace, purify themselves from the stories in their minds and inspire them to live a life with more balance.

Do you dare to start your own investigation

Then I invite you to come and experience that you too can learn to bring more inner peace and balance into your life. Despite the stories, beliefs and thoughts in your mind that say this is not possible!

We will work together during this 1-day Empower Yourself event. You will explore your perspective through various assignments (both individually and in the small group). You come closer to yourself step by step and your awareness about yourself and your situation grows. This allows you to see clearly what choices you have. You experience more inner peace, and increased well-being.


This intensive event is suitable for people who are willing to do the work. They want to reflect, look at themselves, and take responsibility for their own well-being. Who want to explore the choices they make and whether they suit them, under my loving guidance and in a safe setting. If you ready for this, without of course having to do anything you don’t want to do, then you are more than welcome. Whether you have been working on personal growth for a while or just recently is less important than showing the willingness to explore a different perspective.

It is advisable that you already have a basis on which you can grow your personal awareness. My 7-day online challenge is particularly suitable for this. You can purchase it here. Of course, other methods of reflection and contemplation are also perfectly suitable as a starting point.

Are you in doubt? Please contact me via the contact form and I will be happy to assist you.

Neem een ander perspectief en empower jezelf

€199 ex VAT
day program

€299 ex VAT incl. accommodation

Live events

Get peace of mind and investigate your perspective
during a small-scale 1 day live group event! 

Welcome 9.30am
Program 10am-4pm
Closure 4.30pm

A selection of the program:
* Reflection assignment Your current perspective
* Individual writing assignment Your story
* Group assignment Investigate your Perspective
* Coordination assignment New perspective
* Home-made lunch
* Small group (max 6 persons)
* Personal approach

* Online group session after 1 month for all your questions
* Extra free month membership to The Voice of the Future

Optional accommodation:
* arrival 5 pm the day BEFORE the event
* including diner, private room, breakfast
* (separate requests for stays AFTER the event by email)



“When I arrived at Hélène, my head was full of stories and thoughts that kept haunting me. For example, I couldn’t stop following news about the war. But after my retreat I felt completely different. My head was calmer and I no longer had the tendency to want to consume more and more information from outside” – anonymous

“I arrived tired and grumpy. But after just one evening I noticed how much more energy I had, and that the story that my hormones determine my mood is not entirely true” – Yvette

“Before I came to Hélène’s retreat, my thinking was dominant and took up a lot of space. The attention and guidance I received with Helene allowed me to focus more on other areas of myself. Thank you for this valuable experience.” -Y.

a”I experienced beautiful sessions and assignments. Everything took place in a beautiful and intimate setting. I am extremely grateful for this special experience and can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a deeper connection with themselves.”

“I learned that I had many convictions in the work/financial area (such as: I am not good enough) and Hélène guided me through this with love and purity. It’s nice to have more insight into this and tools to delve further into it. All insights are invaluable, thanks!”- Irene

Do you long for less stress and more peace of mind

Frequenty asked questions

Is this event suited for me?

Because in this event we will work intensively on your own story and perspective, I ask you to be open to personal development. I work with people who are willing to look at themselves, who want to take responsibility, and who want to investigate the choices they make. If you are willing to do the work, under my loving and expert guidance, without having to make choices you do not want, then you are more than welcome. Whether you have been working on personal growth for a while or just recently is less important than being curious and having an inquisitive mind.

If you want to build a solid basis, you can join my 7-day online challenge. 

Are you doiing a different practise and are you in doubt? Then please contact me, I will be happy to think along. 

I can't make it on the dates mentioned, now what?

My first question to you is how important you feel that choosing for yourself is. If you really want to, you can often find a solution and besides, there are always multiple dates. If these dates are really impossible, please check here regularly and you will see the latest data.

How does the program look like?

The program is not set in stone. We will work with the story and beliefs you have, your desires, and the current situation through various assignments and exercises. This increases your awareness, and gives you clarity about your perspective and the choices you make. We alternate between group assignments, individual work, and in pairs. There is plenty of room for interaction, questions, or challenges that we encounter.

Till when can I sign up?

Registration is possible up to 48 hours before the start of the event. There are a total of 6 spots per Live day, so be sure to register early!

I have allergies/dietary restrictions, will this be taken into account?

Of course. The lunch is homemade, organic and vegetarian as standard. If you have other restrictions, please let us know at least 72 hours in advance so that I can also happily prepare a meal for you.

What do I gain from attending a Live Day From Thinking To Being?

Transformation in a nice, inspiring place, where many people have been able to let their minds go and gain new insights. You get feedback on your process, you can ask all your questions, you can learn from all my experiences so that you don’t have to figure it out alone, and you connect with like-minded people. In short, you will go home recharged and with new insights!

I live far away, what are the staying options?

The From Thinking To Being retreat center has 4 rooms with a shared bathroom where you can stay the night BEFORE the Live Event. The costs are 100 euros ex VAT for dinner, overnight stay in a private room and breakfast. If you want to make use of this opportunity, please buy your additional ticket in the webshop. Would you wish to stay also the night after the event or even longer, please send a reply to the confirmation email you receive when registering for the event and I will get back to a.s.a.p.

How can I book and pay?

You can purchase a ticket for the live event per date by clicking on the button. The link takes you to the tickets for the different dates. Place the product in your shopping cart and pay immediately. You will then receive an email with your confirmation and more information. You can add the ticket for accommodation for 1 night (before the retreat) to your cart. 

You can register up to 48 hours before the start of the event. Cancellation is free up to 2 weeks before the event, after which you can always have someone else participate in your place in case of force majeure. Please contact me in any case.

Applications are processed in order of receipt. There are only 6 spots available per date for this intensive live event. For accommodation, there are only 4 rooms available. Be there on time, because full is full.

If you wish to stay also the night after the event, please send this request as a reply to the confirmation email and I will get back to you with the options. 


Ready to get a new perspective?