Discover and experience

How the From Thinking To Being method can help you to calm your mind and increase your mental well-being.

I want to gain

* More peace of mind 
* Increased mental health 
* More self-confidence
* A solution -oriented mindset

I want to reduce

* Feelings of overwhelm
* Mental clutter
* Worries in my head
* Physical & mental stress

I want to learn

* To bring in more awareness
* How to make healthier decisions
* To increase self-leadership
* Sustainable ways to improve my life

Welcome to the Discovery events of
From Thinking To Being

The place where you can easily and safely acquaint yourself with this new energetic method and experience how this can

– increase your well-being on all levels

– reduce stress, overthinking, and unhealthy mind control

-help you develop self-leadership

Discovery events

June 13, June 14
October 16, October 17
November 12, November 13
December 18, December 19

€47 ex VAT **

**Upon registration you will receive a discount code. With this code a 2nd person can join for only 17 euros (same or other date). 

Program: 9.30am-1.30pm (arrival: 9.15am)

* Teachings Beyond the mind: Awareness
* Free Flow Writing
* Energetic session Beyond the mind
* Sharings
* Coffee, tea, sweets, home-made lunch

* Small group (max 6 persons)
* Personal approach

The From Thinking To Being method.

The From Thinking To Being method promotes inner peace by transcending the mind. This approach combines energetic transformational work with heightened awareness to support the deprogramming and reset of your conditioned mind and thought patterns.

With this method, you transmute energetic blockages in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body, including thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and identities that are no longer serving. Surrounding yourself with high and pure energetic frequencies accelerates the process of transmutation.

I’ve discovered that I can transmit these pure energetic frequencies through my presence and my voice. By combining these frequencies with teachings that expand your consciousness, you gain insight into your choises and how to transform into the version of yourself that you desire

During my retreats, but also while listening to my audio’s, you open pure energy fields within and around yourself, allowing yourself to systemically deprogram and reset your system. You can experience profound and positive changes in your life and increase your wellbeing without the need for verbal dialogue. Because this method works on deeper layers than just the mental or physical, it can offer sustainable results. 

It is important to emphasize that this method is safe because it doesn’t involve me doing anything ‘to’ you. I am not adding anything to you or taking anything away. You tap into your natural ability to purify and heal yourself.

A simplified way to understand it is as an advanced from of medidation, where silence is central and you simply need to be energetically open and present. You don’t have to do anything actively; instead, you allow nature’s purification process to take place, experiencing peace of mind by transcending the limitations of the mind.

What others say about working with me

Ik durf weer te vertrouwen op mezelf en mijn intuïtie. Ik kan iedereen die op zoek is naar een diepere verbinding met zichzelf en de wereld om hen heen jou aanraden.” Caroline

“I arrived tired and grumpy. But after just a few hours, I had much more energy and it turned out that the story that my hormones determine my mood isn’t entirely true.” – Yvette

“I learned that I had many beliefs about work (such as: I am not good enough) and Hélène provided me with valuable insights and tools to deal with them.” – Irene

” Ik ben me meer van situaties bewust en heb dus ook keuze hoe hier mee om te gaan. Durf ook meer te vertrouwen op wat ik voel. ” – I.

“Toen ik aankwam, zat mijn hoofd vol met gedachten die me bleven achtervolgen. Nu voel ik me compleet anders, mijn hoofd is weer rustig.” – anoniem

Energetic deprogramming benefits

Sustainable increased well-being

Reduced stress and anxiety: Release negative energetic patterns and beliefs stored in the mind, and experience a reduction in stress and anxiety levels.
Improved mental clarity: Clear energetic blockages and get greater mental clarity, allowing you to think more clearly and make decisions more effectively.
Enhanced emotional well-being:
Energetic deprogramming to let go of past traumas and emotional baggage, leading to improved emotional well-being and a greater sense of inner peace.
Increased resilience:
Release old energetic patterns and increase resilience and adaptability, enabling you to bounce back more easily from challenges and setbacks.
Enhanced creativity and intuition:
Free your mind from limiting beliefs and energetic blockages, and experience an increase in creativity and intuition, allowing for greater innovation and insight.
Improved relationships:
Clear energetic imbalances in your mind and welcome healthier relationships, as you become more open, authentic, and emotionally available.
Physical health benefits: Energetic deprogramming may have positive effects on physical health, as emotional and mental well-being are closely linked to physical health outcomes.

Impression retreat center @Hélène

private retreat
private retreat

My name is Hélène 

For many years, I suffered from an overactive mind. I was consumed by to-do lists, planning, organising and overworking.
I experienced stress, mental clutter and was unable to unwind. I was overthinking, worrying and experienced the downside of having a strong analytical mind. Despite countless attempts, I couldn’t find lasting solutions in my rational environment to relieve stress and gain healthy control.

Then, in 2018, at 44, after a life-changing encounter meeting my half-brother, I faced a pivotal question: cling to the familiar or start exploring other ways of living? Opting for the latter, I embarked on a rollercoaster journey, marking the beginning of my transition From Thinking To Being.

Drawing from my personal struggles in both the rational academic field and the spiritual healing field, I started exploring novel ways of bringing mindfulness into my daily life. I discovered the potency of working with energy and how I could use it to go beyond my mind in a pure, simple, as well as down-to-earth way. Together with progressively cultivating awareness in the various situations of my life, it resulted in a remarkable enhancement of my overall well-being beyond anything I could have envisioned. Now, I consistently experience inner peace, self-mastery, resilience, confidence, and tranquility on a daily basis. It’s beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

To be able to help as many people as possible to deprogram and reset their minds to increase their well-being, I developed a new unique mindfulness method. The Beyond the Mind method transcends both traditional coaching approaches and overly spiritual practises. Are you ready to try?  

facilitator, energy practitioner, awareness & consciousness coach,
with a PhD in Virology, from the Netherlands 

I want to help you to go beyond your mind.

Portrait of Hélène, energetic coach. Retreats and energetic intuitive sessions for consciousness growth and energetic purification during your soul journey. From Thinking To Being.

Frequenty asked questions

Is the discovery event suitable for me?

If you want to discover a new way to find more peace of mind and improve your mental well-being, then I warmly welcome you to one of the Discovery events. I work with people who are open to self-leadership, who are willing to explore how they can increase their well-being in a sustainable way. I teach and guide you in a non-judgmental, loving, and expert manner. Whether you have been involved in personal development for a long time or have just started, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are open to what this can bring you, Beyond the Mind.

If you are unsure, please contact me, I would be happy to assist you.

Till when can I register?

Registration is possible up to 48 hours before the start of the event. There are a total of 6 spots available per event, so be sure to sign up early. 

I have allergies/dietary restrictions, will these be taken into account?

Jazeker. Certainly. The lunch is standard homemade, organic, and vegetarian. If you have other restrictions, I would like to know about them at least 72 hours in advance so that I can also lovingly prepare a meal for you.

How will attending a live event benefit me?

Je maakt kennis met mij en met de unieke methode Beyond the Mind die energetische deprogrammering combineert met bewustzijnsvergroting. Tijdens dit halve dag kennismakingsevent mag jij ervaren en transformatie ontvangen. Je bent op een fijne inspirerende plek, waar al vele mensen hun hoofd even los hebben kunnen laten en tot nieuwe inzichten zijn gekomen. Je krijgt feedback op jouw proces, je kunt al je vragen stellen, je mag van mijn ervaringen en die van de andere deelnemers leren, en je verbindt met gelijkgestemden. Kortom, je gaat zowel opgeladen als een stuk lichter weer naar huis!

I live far away, is there accommodation available?

Jazeker, retraitecentrum From Thinking To Being heeft 4 kamers met gezamenlijke badkamer waar je kunt verblijven de nacht voorafgaand of na afloop van het event. De kosten zijn 100 euro ex BTW voor een diner, overnachting en ontbijt. Indien je dit wenst, stuur me dan een reply op de bevestigingsemail waarin je aangeeft om welke nacht het gaat. Ter plekke is er ook nog de mogelijkheid een individuele energetische hoofdmassage of een coachingssessie erbij te boeken. 

How does booking and payment work?

Je kunt een ticket voor een van de events aanschaffen door op de button onderaan deze pagina te klikken. De link brengt jou naar de tickets voor de verschillende data. Plaats het product in je winkelmandje en reken direct af. Je ontvangt daarna een mail met je bevestiging en meer informatie. Mocht je een factuur willen ontvangen, stuur dan een reply op de bevestigingsmail. 

Aanmelden kan tot 48 uur voor de start van het event. Annuleren is tot 2 weken voor het event gratis, daarna kun je in geval van overmacht altijd iemand anders in jouw plaats laten deelnemen. Neem dan even contact met me op. 

De aanvragen worden behandeld op volgorde van binnenkomst. Er zijn per datum slechts 6 plekken beschikbaar. Wees er op tijd bij, want vol is vol.

Mocht je willen overnachten, stuur me dan een reply op de bevestigingsmail.