Experience peace of mind by going beyond the mind

Increase your well-being and
relieve mental stress in a sustainable way.

I want to gain

* More peace of mind 
* Increased mental health 
* More self-confidence
* A solution -oriented mindset

I want to reduce

* Feelings of overwhelm
* Mental clutter
* Worries in my head
* Physical & mental stress

I want to learn

* To bring in more awareness
* How to make healthier decisions
* To increase self-leadership
* Sustainable ways to improve my life

Welcome to From Thinking To Being

A new energetic method to

– increase your well-being at all levels

– reduce stress, overthinking and unhealthy mind controle

– empower yourself

My name is Hélène 

For many years, I suffered from an overactive mind. I was consumed by to-do lists, planning, organising and overworking.
I experienced stress, mental clutter and was unable to unwind. I was overthinking, worrying and experienced the downside of having a strong analytical mind. Despite countless attempts, I couldn’t find lasting solutions in my rational environment to relieve stress and gain healthy control.

Then, in 2018, at 44, after a life-changing encounter meeting my half-brother, I faced a pivotal question: cling to the familiar or start exploring other ways of living? Opting for the latter, I embarked on a rollercoaster journey, marking the beginning of my transition From Thinking To Being.

Drawing from my personal struggles in both the rational academic field and the spiritual healing field, I started exploring novel ways of bringing mindfulness into my daily life. I discovered the potency of working with energy and how I could use it to go beyond my mind in a pure, simple, as well as down-to-earth way. Together with progressively cultivating awareness in the various situations of my life, it resulted in a remarkable enhancement of my overall well-being beyond anything I could have envisioned. Now, I consistently experience inner peace, self-mastery, resilience, confidence, and tranquility on a daily basis. It’s beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

To be able to help as many people as possible to deprogram and reset their minds to increase their well-being, I developed a new unique mindfulness method. The Beyond the Mind method transcends both traditional coaching approaches and overly spiritual practises. Are you ready to try?  

facilitator, energy practitioner, awareness & consciousness coach,
with a PhD in Virology, from the Netherlands 

I want to help you to go beyond your mind.

Portrait of Hélène, energetic coach. Retreats and energetic intuitive sessions for consciousness growth and energetic purification during your soul journey. From Thinking To Being.

Discover this unique, pure, earthly and simple method and boost your mental health and well-being.

The Beyond the Mind method.

The “From Thinking To Being – Beyond the Mind” method combines energetic work with heightened awareness to facilitate the deprogramming of your conditioned mind and thought patterns. This process transmutes energetic blockages stored in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body, including thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and identities that no longer serve you. By immersing yourself in this method, you can experience profound and positive changes in your life.

I’ve discovered that both my presence and my voice can catalyze this process of transmutation. By impacting the energy field within and around you, step by step, you can deprogram and reset your system, restoring mental well-being without relying on verbal dialogue or temporary fixes. This method works at deeper layers than just the mental or physical, providing sustainable results.

Crucially, this method is safe because it doesn’t involve me doing anything ‘to’ you. I don’t insert anything into you or remove anything from you. To simplify, you can think of it as a form of meditation combined with teachings, where you simply need to be energetically open and present. You don’t have to actively do anything; instead, you allow nature’s purification process to take place, bringing peace of mind by transcending the limitations of the mind.

What are the options to go Beyond the Mind  

Private retreat

* 3 days, 2 nights retreat
* The Netherlands
* At location
* Fully personalised deep dive

Group retreat

* 4-day or 5-day retreat 
* The Netherlands (max 4 p, homely)
* Upcoming: France, Portugal, Ireland
* Includes personal & group sessions

Discovery event

* 1/2 day retreat
* The Netherlands
* Introduction into the method
* Get to know me

Events 2024

The Netherlands:
Discovery events
(9.30 am – 13.30 pm)
May 1, May 2
June 13, June 14
September 18, September 19
November 12, November 13
December 18, December 19

The Netherlands:
3-day Plant medicine retreat (small group)

Summer solstice: June 21-23

The Netherlands:
4- and 5-day Mindfulness retreat (small group)

Spring: April 22-26 (1 spot available)
Summer: June 24-28, Sept 23-27
Autumn: Nov 14-17, and Nov 18-22

France, Portugal, Ireland:

 Private retreat 
dates on request
The Netherlands or elsewhere on request

” After my retreat and the sessions, I renewed my courage and made an important step in my professional life.
In addition, I remembered what is most important in my life: family, friends, but first of all myself.” 

Eduardo Barra Cordeiro, Brazil

The whole experience was very special, in particular the energetic head treatment. You facilitated the process of just allowing the negativity to flow through your system, not resisting it, and I feld the sadness faded away. It was an incredibly and unique experience.”

Mariken Straat, The Netherlands

Energetic deprogramming benefits

Sustainable increased well-being

Reduced stress and anxiety: Release negative energetic patterns and beliefs stored in the mind, and experience a reduction in stress and anxiety levels.
Improved mental clarity: Clear energetic blockages and get greater mental clarity, allowing you to think more clearly and make decisions more effectively.
Enhanced emotional well-being:
Energetic deprogramming to let go of past traumas and emotional baggage, leading to improved emotional well-being and a greater sense of inner peace.
Increased resilience:
Release old energetic patterns and increase resilience and adaptability, enabling you to bounce back more easily from challenges and setbacks.
Enhanced creativity and intuition:
Free your mind from limiting beliefs and energetic blockages, and experience an increase in creativity and intuition, allowing for greater innovation and insight.
Improved relationships:
Clear energetic imbalances in your mind and welcome healthier relationships, as you become more open, authentic, and emotionally available.
Physical health benefits: Energetic deprogramming may have positive effects on physical health, as emotional and mental well-being are closely linked to physical health outcomes.

Frequently asked questions


For whom is the From Thinking To Being - Beyond the mind - method

This method is for those who suffer from an overactive mind, and are looking for a sustainable way of relaxation and peace of mind. If you feel that you are imprisoned by your own mind, exhausted by futile attempts at relief of stress or even burn-out, looking for more long lasting results of a mindfulness practice, and if you are willing to embrace novel approaches that you beyond the mind, this approach is the right fit for you. Also if you are done talking and looking for novel perspectives or insights, without going into overly spiritual practises, I can definitively recommend this method!


Why does the From Thinking To Being method provide sustainable results, in contrast to tools like time management?

This is because FTTB works on the root of the issue, and is not a temporarily solution without taking away the cause of the problem. Changing the habits of your physical body is very important, but if at other layers of your body things do not change, a tool will only be able to provide temporarily results. This is because your physical body consists of matter, which is only around 4% of the content of the universe. The remaining 96% is energy, and although we usually cannot see it, we notice it is there (think of UV or gravity). Combined with bringing awareness in what you do, why you do it, and whether it still serves you will make you realise the choices that you have, and the changes you can make in your life. 

What is the difference between coaching and this deprogramming and reset method?

The FTTB method is not a talking session. Although at some point it is beneficial and helpful to frame the context, get insights, and integrate wisdom in daily life, it is explicitly an experience and submergion, where you body already knows what to do at a deeper level. At the level of the mind, you will lack understanding and therefore a certain level of surrender and releasing control is needed to get the full benefit of the approach. But no worries if your mind keeps on racing and you do not get this from the first time, it is actually one of the hardest things to do as your mind and ego is used to keep control and wants to have understanding. I will guide you step by step through the proces and you are always the one in charge. 


How can I experience the Beyond the mind method?

You can start by trying the free audio for which you can find a link on this page. While listing, stay present with your awareness and with everything that comes up, without judgment or without thinking what happens or whether you are doing it ok or not.
If you want to discover more, I invite you to come to one of my half-day discovery events or book a powerful multiple day retreat, either privately or in a group. During the retreats, in addition to energetic purification and deprogamming sessions, I offer a wide range of activities varying from yin yoga, meditation, body work, teachings about awareness and integration, but also sessions with plant medicines, individual coaching sessions or energetic head or body massage sessions can be added. There is nothing that you need to know or to do during the sessions, as I will guide you through from a safe space. As the way energetic deprogramming works goes beyond the mind, I only invite you to be open and receptive for the experience.  

How much experience do you have with this Beyond the mind method?

Since 2021, I have supported more than 150 participants of retreats in deprogramming and resetting their minds to overcome the limitations of the thinking mind. Many more lives I touched and changed during personal interactions at various occasions. The method itself was shaped and refined over the years and will always be adjusted based on new experiences and insights. 

What others experience

“As each day passes after the retreat, I am feeling clearer on what alignment feels like for me. It’s easier to feel things that are out of alignment, and I returned with a sense of more motivation even for small things. It’s time for big changes though and I think the session gave me a sense of ‘I’ll be ok’.

The whole retreat setup was ideal for anyone needing time out and a way to stop the outside world from drowning out your inner voice and would recommend it to anyone. I would say leave expectations at the door and go with it. I will be back!”
Alex Smith, 39, United Kingdom

” I got in connection with my inner “voice”. It was an incredible experience. The peaceful environment and the sessions during the retreat was just what I needed. You were always flexible to go with what was best for me at the moment. The support you offered was really helpful and insightful. You just did what felt right at that particular moment.”
Janine, 32, Germany. 

” There is no doubt, that I would not have experienced the breakthroughs I did if you had not been in the experience too – you being ‘in it’ allowed me to break through my inhibitions and go with it.
There was quite an unbelievable flow to everything. I describe it as a very intense therapy session with myself over the course of 3 days and I’m not quite sure how that could be replicated – I think it was quite a unique and valuable experience and journey
Einhim, 44, Ireland. 

Overview and impression of the fire of Helene, energetic coach on your soul journey. From Thinking to Being.

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