Healing retreats

A unique holistic approach to your health 

I suffer from

* Depression or anxiety
* Chronic pain
* Mental chronic illness 
* Auto-immune disease
* The effects of medication
* Other physical diseases like cancer

I want to 

* Discover new natural treatments
* Realign my body, mind and soul
* Calm my nervous system
* Detox my body
* Increase my self-healing ability
* Write a hopeful and positive future

I have

* Tried several treatment modalities
* Worked on balancing my lifestyle 

* Ready to explore new healing modalities
* Ready to activate my self-healing ability

Holistic healing retreats

When you are suffering from a (chronic) mental or physical illness or trauma you might have tried many treatments and approaches before. You might have lost hope for a positive change.

You are looking for a natural treatment route to align your body, mind and soul.

As holistic health practitioner I am here to guide you on a new path, where you will approach your health and wellbeing from a completely new level of your being. A reset your system, clearing the root causes of your dis-ease and dis-comfort at the energetic level and activating your self-healing ability.

Increase your health at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Get back the hope you are longing for.
Start writing the next chapter in your life.

In these unique and powerful holistic healing retreats Hélène’s healing gift provides you the support and tools to break through energetic blockages and programmations that are at the root cause of your issues. Together with increasing awareness how you can stimulate your own self-healing ability, you will learn how to change your perspective, to empower yourself, and to take back healthy control over your health and wellbeing.

Healing retreats are private in-person retreats of 8 days preceded by 3 online energetic sessions to ensure a reset at all levels of your being. The retreat is fully tailored to your needs and offers you unlimited private energetic sessions to support your healing. It is available year-round at retreat center @Hélène in the Netherlands, at specific periods in a beautiful mansion in the Dordogne, France, and at any other location of your choice around the world.

For healing at every level of your being.

Healing retreat options

Healing retreat
– the Netherlands
– Dordogne, France

* 8 days, 7 nights
* Full time guidance
* Unlimited sessions

* 3x sessions upfront
* E
xit call 

4.999 euros (ex VAT)

6.048,79 euros incl VAT
payment in instalments possible

Healing retreat
– any location –

 * 8 days, 7 nights
* Full time guidance
* Unlimited sessions

* 3x session upfront
* Exit call
excluding travel costs and accommodation

from 4.999 euros (ex VAT)

  • 6.048,79 euros incl VAT
    payment in instalments possible

Guided integration trajetory

Extension of a retreat

*  Six 1:1 online private sessions of 90 minutes to support the integration your experience in all areas of your life

999 euros (ex VAT)

  • 1208,79 euros incl VAT
    payment in instalments possible

Set up healing retreat

Length: 8 days, 7 nights  

Dates: upon mutual agreement
Start day 1 at 11 am
End day 8 at 3 pm

* Pickup at airport (NL)
* 7 nights accommodation (NL)
* 3-daily organic vegetarian meals
* Water, coffee, tea unlimited
* Energetic head treatments (unlimited)
* Energetic massages (unlimited)
* Energetic purification sessions (unlimited)
* Mindful movement (unlimited)
* Teachings and tools (unlimited)
* Body remembers trauma therapy (unlimited)
* Cacao ceremony (non-psychedelic)
* optional: Magic truffle ceremony (psychedelic)
* Excursions to sites of interest 
* Use of wood-fired sauna (NL)

Close-up of Hélène, energetic coach. Retreats and energetic intuitive sessions for conscious growth and energetic purification. From Thinking To Being.

The holistic healing method.

This method combines energetic transmutation with increasing awareness in order to deprogram and reset your system. This method, also called purification, is one of my healing gifts and supports you to clear energetic blockages that contribute to illness, whether it is physical, mental or emotional, as well as releases stored trauma without talking sessions. It is a safe method, as it is a natural process, but it is greatly enhanced by my presence in the energetic field.

In my healing retreats you fully immerse yourself in this energetic field and I guide and support you through every step of your healing process. You will calm down your nervous system, detox your body from toxic substances, purify your mind from old programmations and empower your own self-healing ability. Furthermore, you will gain resilience and trust in your way of navigating through the challenges of life.

The power of a this 8-day retreat lies in its safe way of progressing through the various steps that are needed for healing in a sustainable way. The 3 online sessions before your retreat and the preparation during the weeks before your in-person experience will allow you to ground, feeling energetically safe to open up, to experiencing energetic transformations, and to integrating the process.


“The retreat with Hélène changed my life. It was truly a magical experience! The location is beautiful, surrounded by greenery and animals, which immediately creates a sense of tranquility. The food is prepared with love and mostly comes from Hélène’s own organic garden. Hélène is an excellent host who makes sure everything is perfect. She listens without judgment and flawlessly senses what you are going through. She supports where necessary, but also gives you the space to go through your own processes. I am extremely grateful for this experience and highly recommend Hélène!” – Annemarie

“I recently did a long weekend individual retreat with Hélène and it was fantastic to relax there. The program was completely tailored to my personal needs. The location was a wonderful place where I just could be me,  do absolutely nothing for a while and just be in the moment. Hélène is a great energetic coach and we had very nice conversations that led to valuable insights. At the end of the day, I could relax in the sauna, which was wonderful. Hélène is a loving hostess and made me feel at home. I look back on the weekend with a warm feeling.” – Natascha

“Several times I came to @Hélène and every time it feels like coming home. All this thanks to the relaxing environment, the homemade food, the sauna, and of course Hélène herself. The last time during my private retreat I received an energetic head massage where Hélène guided me on a journey deep within. This has unleashed something so that the way for me as an artist is now clearer than ever. With more self-confidence I now continue my path more purposefully than ever, stating my boundaries firmly and stepping over fears every time. My heart is more open than ever, thanks to Hélène and the home she has to offer.” – Sander

“When I arrived at Hélène’s, my head was full of stories and thoughts that kept haunting me. But after just three days of retreat, I felt completely different. My head was calmer and I no longer had the tendency to keep thinking back to old stories and problems that I couldn’t distance myself from before. The conversations and treatments I had with Hélène all contributed to this. I felt safe and supported throughout the experience, and it was just what I needed to recover and recharge. Thanks!” – Sanne.

Impression retreat center @Hélène-NL

private retreat
private retreat

Impression Manoir des Beaux Arts – FR

private retreat
private retreat

Frequently asked questions

What does a healing retreat look like?

An immersive experience where you will remember your self-healing ability!
We will get to know each other during an introductory call where we will discuss all the options and what I can offer you. During 3 online sessions we will work together to prepare you for your in-person retreat. You will be pickup from the airport or train station upon agreement and brought to your private accommodation. The first day is for you to settle down and ground. We will speak together about the possibilities during your retreat and how to schedule them such that it will be an optimal healing journey for you. Every day we will work together and adjust the program options completely to your needs. Included in the retreat are all sessions and there is no limited to any of the sessions (except for the Magic truffle ceremony). Healthy meals are provided during the retreat, and others ways to support you detoxing your body, mind and soul are included. An exit call about 1-2 weeks after your retreat is included in the price.

You can complement your private retreat with 6 online integration sessions of 90 minutes, providing powerful support for integrating your insights and transformations in all areas of your life.

Where will I stay during my private retreat?

At the retreat center @Hélène (near Utrecht), you’ll stay fully catered in your own private retreat cottage with a living room offering fantastic views of the countryside. Additionally, you’ll have a bedroom with a double bed, a workspace/dining area, private bathroom facilities, and a kitchen. You can enjoy the garden in the summer and cozy up by the fireplace in the winter. The cottage is located at the back of the @Hélène retreat center in De Bilt, Netherlands. Easily accessible by public transport with on-site parking available.

In France, you will be accommodated in the retreat mansion ‘Manoir des beaux arts’ where you have a private room and private bathroom. During your retreat, there will not be other guests in the accommodation, ensuring a safe and powerful space for your healing journey. 

If you’d like to receive a guided private retreat at a location of your choice, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

How does the registration process work/how far in advance should I book?

Booking is based on my availability and that of the location. Feel free to contact me to coordinate when and where your retreat can take place.

If you’re interested or curious, request a free non-binding introductory call with me, where I can explain my approach and we can determine together if my offering aligns with your needs.

Common reasons for not choosing a retreat

1. I’m not ready yet.
Are you waiting until the pain becomes so unbearable that you hit rock bottom? Many people do, before realizing that they may need to look at life differently. But I don’t wish that upon anyone. How big is your pain (and your desire) now? Then ask yourself if it will change on its own.

2. I can do it alone or online.
Of course, you can do it alone and you’re allowed to do it alone. However, doing it alone takes much longer, you won’t see your own blind spots, and it takes much more pain and effort. So why would you? While you can find plenty of resources online, the most powerful transformations still occur when you physically immerse yourself in high frequencies, such as here at my location in my presence.

3. I’m abandoning others/my family if I choose myself.
What’s best for you is also best for everyone around you. Sometimes you need a different perspective to see that. You don’t have to drastically give up and leave everything behind to live in alignment with your true self. As they say on the airplane: put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else!

4. I don’t have the money (for it).
How much is more peace, more confidence, and living in alignment worth to you? If you feel that my offering resonates with you and is exactly what you need, you can trust that a financial solution will come. From my side, I offer you (i) more value than can be expressed in money, (ii) the option to pay in installments, and (iii) the possibility of other forms of exchange, if you are serious about your interest in my offering but the financial means are truly insufficient. (iv) Sometimes there is the possibility to finance such an investment in your own personal and professional development from a training budget through your employer. You need to inquire about this yourself, and I can tailor an offer with a coaching trajectory and/or training

5. I don’t have time for it (now).
When you choose yourself, you’re already making a choice to invest time in yourself. Many people experience after a retreat that the energy that was stuck starts flowing, so they get on a fast track. This always gives you more time than the investment, because you start living more in alignment. For practical planning, we always look together at the most suitable dates and times, so that we also take into account, for example, your family situation.

Book a free and non-binding call if you are ready enhance your self-healing ability