Plant medicine 

make an inner journey 


Discover the answers already present within you. Welcome the most pure version of yourself.


Feel the healing power of nature’s plantmedicines. Experience being whole and connected.


Simply come home to yourself and discover who you really are. There is peace and confidence in simplicity.

Are you longing for this?

 Profound insights so that you no longer get stuck in the same patterns and situations. 

Being fully connected to yourself and the world around you, which gives you a feeling of coming home.

Healing on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, giving you more confidence in yourself and in life.

∴ More peace of mind because you have clarity about your next steps and the courage to actually take them.

An open gate with a field behind it, symbolziing the open road after an inner journey with plant medicines

Ceremonial retreats 2024

Group retreats: 

645 euros (ex VAT) – max 5 persons 

Summer solstice: June 21-23

>>:: LAST CEREMONIAL GROUP RETREAT at From Thinking To Being ::<<

Private ceremonies:

for new customers: only as extension of a private retreat (more information)
for returning customers: 1 day/night (from 595 euros, get into contact)
for your own company (2-5 persons): tailor-made (from 795 euros,
get into contact)

dates on request

Program group retreats 

Facilitated by Sofia – Infinity Flows
and Hélène – From Thinking To Being

17.30h Welcome
18.00h Start and dinner
20.00h Singing bowl journey 

10.00h Body Remembers Trauma Therapy
15.00h Magic truffle ceremony
21.00h Diner

10.00h Healingsession
13.00h Cacao ceremony
15.00h Sharing
16.30h Closure

An inner journey

Finding the answers within yourself is possible through a journey of discovery with psychedelic plant medicines. In the Western world, however, this is often still a taboo.

That is why in 2019, as a scientific researcher at the university, I only dared to share my experience of an inner journey with ayahuasca during my sabbatical to Peru with a few people. That journey opened my eyes to the power of plant medicines as a tool for raising awareness and I took the insights I gained into my daily life. Then my inner journeys, including ayahuasca, magic truffles, magic mushrooms, and cannabis, accelerated my healing process.

In 2021 I followed the training as a process facilitator of plant medicine trips and I have already been able to guide many people in powerful transformation processes during my ceremonial retreats.

Do you recognize this? 

Recurring issues or complaints (mental, emotional, or physical) continue to stand in the way of you living your best life and seem impossible to overcome. 

Anxieties and depressed feelings continue to overshadow your daily perspective and you start to lose hope often that it ever will be different.

Addiction problems continue to haunt you and the fear of a relapse prevails, while deep down you yearn for freedom.

∴ It feels like you are stuck in your life in a vicious circle, falling into the same pitfalls or getting into unpleasant situations over and over again, causing frustration to dominate.

∴ You know deep down that there is more possible in life than a (non-fulfilling) 9-to-5 job, the stressful rat race, or a frustrating relationship, but you have no idea how you can make the first step.  


The gate to your inner journey with plant medicines. Ceremonial retreats for increasing consciousness.

The answers lie within you

Discover the power of plant medicines and find the answers that have been inside you all along. My ceremonies offer a profound experience of deepening and reflection, which gives you clarity about where you are in life and where you want to go. The invitation to loving heal and transform will help you get closer to your true self and gain more confidence in life. Whether you are new to this path or already experienced, I warmly welcome you to your journey of personal development.

Retreats with plant medicines

Four times per year, small-scale group retreats with plant medicines are on the agenda.
These take place around the equinox and the solstice. There is room for up to 5 people.

There is also the possibility to book a private plant medicine trip, with your partner or friend or with your own group. You can choose from cocoa (a soft heart opener, not psychedelic), Magic Truffles (with psychoactive psylocybin) or Cannabons (homemade cannabis bonbon with psychoactive THC). More information about these plant medicines can be found at the bottom of this page.

Hélène is your certified guide, facilitator, and both physical and energetic space holder.


Individual registration 

Dates 2024:
March 22-24, June 21-23, Sept 20-22, Dec 20-22
Friday 5.00 pm – Sunday 4.30 pm

* Guided Magic truffles ceremony
* Guided cacao ceremony
*Body remembers trauma therapy
*Sharing and energetic work
*Wood-fired sauna
* Sing bowl journey
* Healing sessions
* All meals (organic vegetarian home made)
*Small group (max 5 persons)


€645 ex VAT pp

Private group

Own company (1-9 persons)

upon mutual agreement
4 hours

* Guided cocoa ceremony

* Home-made soup and bread

€245 ex VAT

Private group
Truffles or Cannabis

Own company (2-5 persons)**

Upon mutual agreement
from 24 hours

* Magic truffles or Cannabis ceremony
* Body remembers trauma therapy, yin yoga, wood-fired sauna, individual session
* 1 or 2 nights stay
* Organic, vegetarian, home-made meals

** private ceremonies only as extension of a private retreat

from €795 ex VAT


“The three days I spent with Hélène were an unforgettable journey through time and space. I have undergone beautiful transformations during the plant medicine journeys that make now feel so much lighter. The guidance was excellent and I felt completely safe and supported throughout the process. I am so grateful for this experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking deeper insights and transformation. Thank you, keep it up and keep shining your light to help us all awaken.” – N.

“I would like to share something about the special place you have created for the plant medicine ceremonies: It’s like coming home. The atmosphere is very nice and there is a feeling of peace and freedom. Here you don’t have to do anything and everything is allowed. It is a place where you can be yourself and discover your true self. I am grateful that I feel energetically opened by the special experiences with the plant medicines that you have given me. Thank you for this warm and loving environment. I can recommend it to anyone looking for a moment of inner peace and connection.” – M.

“I attended a very special truffle ceremony with Hélène. I had a deep spiritual experience during the ceremony and it has given me so many valuable insights for my healing process, especially for my addiction past. I am extremely grateful for this unique experience and for the guidance that helped me to make this special journey. ” – R.

“I look back on the special retreat with great gratitude. This retreat has given me deep insights that have now found their place. Issues that kept coming back for years have finally been resolved and this has helped me a lot.🙏🙏🙏✨☀️”  – Maarten

“Graag deel ik mijn ervaring met de bijzondere begeleiding die jij mij hebt gegeven. Ik heb mij heel ontspannen gevoeld tijdens de sessie en de energie was erg vertrouwd en zuiver. De reis naar binnen was ongelooflijk en ik voelde mijn lichaam ontwaken terwijl mijn hoofd losliet. Ik kwam aan bij mijn kern en het voelde als een verre reis, even losgekoppeld van de wereld om me heen. Jouw begeleiding zorgde voor een veilige haven waarin ik me volledig kon overgeven aan het moment. Ik ben dankbaar voor deze bijzondere ervaring en kan het iedereen aanraden die op zoek is naar een diepe innerlijke reis. Nogmaals bedankt voor deze waardevolle begeleiding.” – M.

“Before I came to Hélène’s retreat, my thinking was predominant and took up too much space. The attention and guidance I received from Hélène allowed me to focus more on other areas of myself. I have discovered (again) that my body is my castle and I am inspired to fully live again. Thank you Hélène for this valuable experience.” – Y.

“I would like to share my experiences with the Magic truffle group ceremony that I attended. For me, it was the first time experiencing plant medicines and I can only say that it was an unforgettable experience! It was full of new insights and wonderful discoveries. The ceremony was well organized and Hélène did an excellent job of preparing us for the inner journey. I also loved the bodywork and the treatments next to the ceremonies, which made the whole experience even more complete. Everything took place in a beautiful and intimate setting. I am incredibly grateful for this special experience and can recommend it to anyone looking for a deeper connection with themselves.” – anonymous

“The ceremonial retreats at Hélène take place in a super nice environment and there is a good structure in the activities. I gained insight from the magic truffle journey on how I can really give myself more self-love and that feels so incredibly valuable! I learned that I had many beliefs in the work/financial field (such as I’m not good enough) and Hélène lovingly and purely guided me through this. Great to have the tools to dive into it further as well. All the insights are of incredible value, thanks!”- Irene

“The Magic truffle ceremony was confrontational and at the same time very soothing and insightful. The program of the group retreat was well put together and the transition between the different parts went smoothly. The space and atmosphere were really fantastic. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcome and this feeling continued throughout the long weekend. The guidance was excellent and the meals were truly delicious. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a program that is both soothing and insightful, where you get to know yourself better and connect with others. Thank you again for this unique experience”. –  Natasja

“The days of the ceremonies were fantastic! I experienced the program as varied and very healing. The energy was very nice and I received great insights. Felt a deep connection with myself and on the 2nd day everything felt softer…. I let go of a lot and notice that I feel now much more connected to my inner strength.” – anonymous

 “During the ceremonies, there was room for everyone and Hélène was always present in the background. She has a special gift for estimating when she should be there for you and when a little more distance is appropriate. This gave me a sense of safety and security. Despite an intense ceremony, I always felt safe and I was able to completely surrender to the experience. These allowed me to continue building on my previous experience during an Ayahuasca ceremony. It was very special and nice to clean up what I no longer need. Thanks to Hélène for her special guidance and the safe setting in which I was able to live this experience.” –  Bernie

“Beforehand I didn’t know what to expect, but it has been a very nice experience that has helped me a lot. The atmosphere was calm and soft, and I felt very comfortable. The ceremonies were beautiful and helped me to get in touch with myself more and more. I feel reborn and even more rested than when I arrived! Thank you very much for this valuable experience.” – Lisanne

“The days of the ceremonial retreat were taken care of down to the last detail. The warm environment, good guidance, and relaxed atmosphere helped me to relax, surrender and gain great insights. I am grateful for this valuable experience and I want to thank Hélène for everything!”  -M.

More on plant medicines


During a cocoa ceremony, we drink together raw, ceremonial cocoa. Cocoa is a heart opener known for its soft and loving energy. You thereby open and strengthen the connection with yourself and with everything around us. Cocoa is a plant medicine that has no hallucinogenic effect, but it is nevertheless very powerful!

Own company, 4 hours

1-7 persons 250 euros ex VAT


Our homemade Cannabons contain home-grown cannabis and raw cocoa. After eating the bonbon, you make an inner journey that can last 3-7 hours, depending on your sensitivity. Cannabis has feminine energy, so the journey can be experienced a bit more gentle than truffles. The energetic effect is also often more physical. Cannabons are suitable for people with more experience with inner journeys or for those who want a softer experience.

Own company, 24 hours

2 -5 persons from 795 euros ex VAT

Magic truffles

Psychedelic truffles are eaten during a Magic truffle ceremony. The active substance psilocybin provides an inner journey that can be compared to dreaming, but without sleeping. The energy of the truffle is masculine and therefore has a more directive character than cannabis. For a first experience with psychedelic plant medicines, truffles are usually a good choice. If you have trouble letting go of your mind and of control, truffles are the best choice.

Own company, 24 hours

2-5 persons from 795 euros ex VAT 

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Frequenty asked questions

What does the setting during an inner journey look like?

During an inner journey with magic truffles or cannabis, you lie on a mattress with a blanket, surrounded by candles and nice music. You can best compare an inner journey to dreaming while you are not sleeping. This journey gives you access to images, experiences, and sounds, and you receive wisdom from your subconscious. By consciously setting an intention you can give direction to your journey. Trust that the plant medicine will give you exactly what you need.

What is the setting of the ceremony?

The ceremonies take place in a small, safe, and homely setting. The groups are small so that there is plenty of attention for your process throughout the retreat. Of course, you are free to share with me and others as much or as little as that feels right to you. But know that there is always room for tailor-made guidance, including aftercare.

I am scared to let go of control

It is quite normal to experience tension prior to a plant medicine journey, even if you are already more experienced. I offer you the safe space and the expert guidance to let go of control so that you can experience what plant medicines have to offer you.

Will plant medicines make me nauseous?

Unlike ayahuasca, Magic truffles, cannabis, or cocoa rarely, if ever, cause nausea and vomiting. However, crying, sweating, burping, a runny nose or other forms of physical release can occur and are part of the normal physical support of your process.

Ready for your inner journey?