1:1 energetic sessions

Once every few weeks or months meet someone who is really there for you. A listening ear. A purifying space.
A space in which you can be who you really are.
Your energy will start flowing again. You will release what is no longer needed.
You feel lighter and lighter. You gain confidence and inner peace.
The 1:1 purification trajectory is for people who take responsibility for their own life but realise that they do not have to do it alone.
When you are out of tune with your surroundings.
Whether it is in your job, your company, your relationship, or at other points in your life.
When you feel there is more to life, but you don’t know how or what.
When you are at a cross road in life.
When the old is no longer serving you and the new is not yet manifested.
How nice would it be if you had someone to help you with this? So that you can effortlessly see and release the blockages that hold you back.
Someone who immerses you in the pure energy of BEING. Where you don’t have to play a role and actually don’t even have to do anything. In this way, you get effortlessly closer to your true self and your greatest potential.
And that is also completely personally tailored to your process, your energy, and your theme!
energetic head treatment

What is an energetic head treatment?

By touching you at different points on the head, I open the space for you to purify. You can just lie on your back with your clothes on and allow and accept whatever comes up to be cleared from your space. Your body will begin to remember its self-healing ability.
This treatment is a gentle and relaxing way to move energy, to change behavior patterns and stuck emotions, thoughts, and feelings, all without talking. You don’t need to submit a specific question or concern. You will feel relaxed afterward and in the next period, you can also experience positive changes in your life.
This energetic head treatment is suitable for anyone who wants more rest, purification of old patterns, and relaxation, in both your head and body. Also suitable for people with physical, mental, or emotional issues.

What is an energetic intuitive coaching session?

As a catalyst, I support you during an energetic session.
Without me doing something TO you, I tune in to you and the field around you and I open the purification space. In this way, your body remembers its own self-healing ability. Blockages that have settled in your body will transform, bringing you back into alignment with who you really are.  This causes the energy to flow again and you often feel much lighter and tidier than before. Moreover, you can gain insights into your process and you will notice that new situations arise in your life that will take you further on your unique path.
An energetic intuitive session is suitable for anyone who is open to it. At the start of the session, you bring in a question or theme, after which we allow ourselves to be guided further into the energy by what presents itself, can be felt and seen. The consultation lasts 60 minutes and can take place online or on location @Hélène.

What do I offer you in an energetic trajectory?

An energetic trajectory consists of a total of 7 energetic sessions. The 6 energetic coaching sessions/consultations take place online, the energetic head massage takes place @Hélène (but can be replaced by an online session if desired).
The 7 sessions can be booked over a period of 1 year.
This 1:1 trajectory can be booked separately or in combination with a private retreat.
Of note, energetic sessions can only be booked as trajectory. If you are seriously interested in this trajectory but want to experience how I work first before deciding, you can book a single energetic head treatment or energetic intuitive consultation when adding the free introduction call to your basket. If you decide to follow the 1:1 trajectory, the session will count as the first one and the price will be deduced.


Is this what you want?
Then make your way to the shop and book your 1:1 trajectory directly! I will get in contact with you to make our first appointment.
Would you like to get to know me and my working method first?
Please schedule then a free online 30-minute introductory meeting!


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