Coaching trajectory

empower yourself 


Clear yourself from what no longer serves you. Purify old thoughts and beliefs and get closer to yourself. 


Gain confidence and be your best self. Bring your unique talents into the world and enjoy work and life.


 Bring simplicity into your life. Get the feeling of inner peace and relaxation by tuning in to who you truly are.

A new story

You long for more peace in your life. Perhaps you want fewer thoughts and beliefs that trap you in a story that no longer serves you. You want to experience peace of mind. Enjoy the moment.

Yet old stories and patterns keep repeating themselves, whether it’s about relationships, finances, lifestyle or health. In order to transform and move on, changes to these stories need to be made

Purifying your thoughts and beliefs brings you closer to your true self. Clear old energy, patterns, identities, and entities simply and safely and start a new path to peace and inner balance.

Do you recognize this?

Do you feel that your current identity or form in your work or relationships no longer serves you? That you don’t make a new choice because your mind keeps reasoning in circles and wants to cling to the old?

Do you long for peace, clarity, and confidence to live your true self in alignment? Cleaning up old energy, patterns, beliefs, and programming to really start living?

I can support your journey and help you build courage, confidence and peace of mind in a 1 on 1 trajectory!

Where are you now?

You find yourself consistently making choices that are detrimental to your well-being and health, leaving you unable to create lasting positive changes in your life.

Your high workload and personal issues are causing a lot of stress, making you feel powerless and out of control in your own life.

You’re experiencing recurring challenges on a mental, emotional, or physical level, but you’re unsure how to bring about sustainable, transformative changes.

Despite your best efforts to bring about change, your progress remains temporary, leaving you at a loss for how to achieve lasting results.

 While you’re eager to make positive changes, the thoughts, beliefs, and inner voices in your mind are hindering your progress

Empower yourself

We all have thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and identities. But unfortunately, they very often hold us back from living the life that we truly want to live. By bringing awareness to your stories and transforming what is holding you back, you will empower yourself to make the changes you are longing for. 

After my wake-up call in 2018, I started investigating my limiting beliefs and what was holding me back from living a more happy and aligned life. I faced the stories in my mind that did no longer serve me, healed old trauma, and empowered myself to get closer and closer to my authentic self, whether in relationships, work, and lifestyle.

As my consciousness grew, my own unique path became more and more clear. Now I am helping others in an earthly way to transform old beliefs and energies so that they too can live their most authentic selves.

Change your story

 Transform the limitations in your mind that hamper you to live your best live in a 1:1 private coaching trajectory. Release blockages and old identities. Get to know yourself better in a private energetic coaching trajectory consisting of 3, 6 or 9 sessions, tailored to your needs. 

The sessions ensure that your energy will flow again and you will feel lighter. You come back into alignment with yourself so that you dare to put yourself in the world with confidence. As energetic coach, I support you unbiasedly on your journey to more inner balance and well-being.

Work 1:1 in a private trajectory

What are the benefits

Reduced mental noise: The flow of thoughts in your mind can calm down so that you tell fewer stories to yourself and experience more mental peace.

Increased clarity: You can gain more insight into which next steps are best for you, so you can make better choices.

Boosted self-confidence: You gain more self-confidence, resulting in greater self-esteem and feeling more comfortable in your own body.

Improves decision-making: release of the old can help you make better decisions that align with your personal goals and values.

Increases life energy: Your balance and the flow of life energy can improve, giving you more energy and more joy and satisfaction from life

How does a coaching trajectory look like?  

In a private trajectory, I support you in different ways. Before the first session, we will go into the issues you face and set up a trajectory of 3, 6 or 9 sessions. 

Energetic intuitive coaching sessions, a unique combination of coaching and energetic work, in which you immediately gain new insights and a different perspective. These sessions are online. 

Energetic head treatment sessions, a gentle way of touching your head while you relax, so that all old beliefs, habits, and emotions that no longer serve you are removed and your self-healing capacity is activated. These are in-person sessions*.

You can book a private trajectory of 3, 6 or 9 sessions.

starting from €350 ex VAT**

* energetic head treatments take place at retreat center @Hélène in de Bilt. If you want to receive these sessions at another location, travel fees will apply. Please inform about the options.

** price applies for 3 online sessions. For each energetic head treatment a supplement of 50 euros applies. 

What is an energetic head treatment?

By touching you at different points on the head, I open the space for you to purify. You just need to lie on your back with your clothes on and allow the energy to flow. Your body will start to remember its self-healing ability.

This treatment is a gentle and relaxing way to move energy and change behavior patterns and stuck emotions, thoughts, and feelings without talking. You don’t need to submit a specific question or concern. You will feel relaxed afterward and in the next period, you can also experience positive changes in your life.

This treatment is suitable for anyone who wants more peace and relaxation, in mind and body, and is also suitable for people with physical, mental, or emotional complaints.

What is an energetic intuitive coaching session?

As a coach, I support you during an energetic coaching session. The session begins with a question or theme that you bring. I tune into you and the energetic field related to your question. Together, we engage in a ‘conversation,’ transforming the energy of blockages that have settled in your body. This process reconnects you with your true self.

Through this session, you gain insights, and stagnant energy starts flowing again. You often feel much lighter and clearer than before. Additionally, you may notice new situations arising in your life that further guide you on your unique path.

These sessions are a unique blend of coaching and energetic work, suitable for anyone open to it and for any theme.

Get to know me first?

Do you want to know more about me and my working method and discover how I can help you with your personal growth and development? Book a free 30-minute online call now. During this meeting, we can get acquainted and discuss your specific wishes and needs. Click the button now to schedule a free call and take the first step toward inner growth and transformation.

If you are seriously interested, I offer the opportunity to experience a first session before you make a final decision. If you want to book, the costs of the introductory treatment will be deducted from the total price. Request a free call now to discuss the possibilities. Please note: sessions cannot be booked separately.

Close-up of Hélène, energetic coach. Retreats and energetic intuitive sessions for conscious growth and energetic purification. From Thinking To Being.

Frequenty asked questions

I do not live closeby/in The Netherlands, can the trajectory also take place entirely online?

Certainly. The trajectory can be composed of only intuitive coaching sessions that take fully place online.
If you prefer to receive a powerful energetic head treatment at another location than the retreat center in de Bilt, The Netherlands, I am happy to discuss the possibilities with you (travel allowance applies).

How are the sessions scheduled?

We will make a plan when we start working together. We can decide either to schedule the sessions at regular intervals (for example 3-4 weeks) or leave it up to you to decide to schedule a session as soon as something comes up for which you need support.

How long does a session take?

The energetic head treatment takes 1 hour 30 minutes. The energetic intuitive sessions last about an 1 hour.

Can I introduce a different theme each time?

Of course, you can! However, you will probably notice that themes that have nothing to do with each other at first sight or on the outside, nevertheless have the same underlying energy. By having multiple sessions together, on any theme, powerful transformations can take place!

Choose today for your most authentic life