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Do you experience the limitations of (the stories in) your head? Do you feel it is time for a change, but don’t know how?

If you long for more peace, then I invite you to just BE during a retreat @Hélène.

You get to know yourself better, gain insights, you purify old beliefs and stuck energies. You start moving again. It gives you confidence to make new choices, from who you really ARE.

You will experience more peace and flow in your life. From Thinking To Being.

prive retraite

“I came to @Hélène several times and it always feels like coming home. All this thanks to the relaxing environment, the home-made food, the sauna and of course Hélène herself.

The last time during my private retreat I received an energetic head massage where Hélène guided me on a journey deep within. This has unleashed something so that the way for me as an artist is now clearer than ever. With more self-confidence I now continue my path more purposefully than ever, stating my limits firmly and stepping over fears every time. My heart is more open than ever, thanks to Hélène and the home she has to offer.”


“Ever since signing up for my retreat, I feel so much closer to myself, so much more at home than I’ve ever felt before. And it’s a feeling of home without conditions, so it’s not that everything is suddenly all right now. It just seems as if my view has expanded even further, as if after knowing that I can now also feel what it is to be part of a greater whole and to rely much more on it…. For which I want to thank you again for following your path and thus making this possible, in a place that feels very nice, with so much warmth and care. Thank you!”


“Recover for a few days and simply BE, with Helene it is possible, allowed and almost a ‘must’ 😉 The atmosphere is wonderful and friendly, and the care is excellent. Together with a program composed according to your own needs, and under the skillful and loving guidance from Helene gives this THE opportunity for a deep dive into the self. Enjoy!”


My name is Hélène and I support you to relax, unravel the stories in your head, break through energetic blockages and coach on consciousness. I use my experience, intuition, energy and universal knowledge for this.

After working as a virologist in academia for 25 years, I changed course in June 2021 and started my own retreat center @Hélène.

I invite you to experience infinity, beyond all limitations of the thoughts in your head. This way you also get more peace in your life! What do you choose?

Retreat center @Hélène offers private retreats and small-scale group retreats, including personal guidance.

In a beautiful rural and homely place near Utrecht, you come home. You find peace, enjoy the garden, the animals, organic meals and a good conversation. Possibility of overnight stay, energetic head massage, energetic consultation, yin yoga, meditation and wood-fired sauna.

Retreats @Hélène in de Bilt (near Utrecht, The Netherlands) are small-scale, homely and everyone is welcome!

Group retreats on the agenda

Ceremoniele retraites


Febr 24-26: Unravel-your-story, Magic truffels en Cannabons
March 30-April 2:  Unravel-your-story, Magic truffels en Cannabons


Retreats @Hélène

prive retraite

Do you want more peace of mind and are you looking for support in your process? Then book a private retreat with guidance, completely tailored to your needs.

You stay fully catered for in the private retreat house and the program is made in mutual coordination. There is the possibility to extend your retreat with a plant medicine journey and/or a 1:1 trajectory.


Ceremoniele retraite

During the ceremonial retreats at @Hélène we use plant medicines, such as cocoa, Magic truffles and cannabis.

Various small-scale ceremonial group retreats are on the calendar. Or book with your own group (2-4 people). Individual ceremonies with plant medicines? Then take a look at private retreats or contact me!




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