Private retreat for couples @Hélène

For which couples is a retreat at @Hélène suitable?

It is important that both of you are willing to look at yourself. When each can view in love his or her own patterns, beliefs, and fears with increased awareness, healing in the relationship can also take place.

Immerse yourself in the energy of BEING together. The program is designed after an intake call with both of you. Usually, a stay of 4 days/3 nights is appropriate to give yourself and your partner the space for healing and transformation.

What does it bring you? 

You and your partner gain insight into patterns and limiting beliefs in your relationship

You get to know yourself and each other better

You receive tools to free yourself from the limitations of your mind

You get clarity about ‘how to proceed’ together

You dissolve energetic blockages in yourself and therefore in the relationship

You live more in the NOW and experience what it feels like to BE together

You get more peace in your mind and body

You are getting closer to your true self

What I do?

I help you unravel your stories, heal energetic blockages, and coach on consciousness. For this, I use my own energy, intuition, experience, and universal wisdom.

Voorbeeld Programma

Example Program

The exact form and content are always determined together and are tailor-made!


  • intake interview online 2x individual
  • writing assignment

Day 1: 14.00h arrival, dinner

  • welcome into your private cottage
  • individual coaching sessions

Day 2: breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • morning: reflection and writing assignment
  • afternoon: Access Bars treatment for both
  • evening: sauna/jacuzzi

Day 3: breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • morning: reflection and writing assignment
  • afternoon: ceremony: trance journey on drum or cocoa ceremony

Day 4: breakfast, lunch, 14.00h end

  • coaching session as couple

After 1-2 weeks: exit coaching session

Investment in yourself and your relationship

For this intensive 4-day private retreat for couples (as an example), the investment in yourself and in your relationship is 1695 euros. This includes 3 nights’ accommodation and everything mentioned in the program.

For ceremonial retreats with psychedelics (Magic truffles, Cacaobliss, Cannabis) I ask a supplement of 200 euros, given the necessary preparation time and guidance.

from 1695 euro (4 days/ 3 nights)

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