Energetic consultation

An energetic consultation with @Hélène.

From my connection with the universal energy field, I support you to remind you of who you really are. I tune in to your energy field and I open the purification space, this stimulates your self-healing capacity and you can let go of old energies that no longer serve you. You just have to be present and feel open.

Who can benefit from an energetic consultation?

For everyone who is open to this!

If you want to increase your awareness, have questions about yourself, want insights on certain situations, want to let go of limitations, create space for something new, etc. then this is suitable for you.

At the start of the consultation, you submit a question, e.g.:
– What insights can I receive on the current theme?
– How can I better deal with certain situations?
– Which energies can I release now to take the next step?

How can I book an energetic consultation with @Hélène?

You can fill in the contact form, send an email to info@fromthinkingtobeing.com or call me at 06-27532850. Together we look for a suitable date and time.

The consultation lasts 60 minutes and can take place online or on location at @Hélène.

You can book a consultation for a basic rate of 25 euros, with a donation afterward based on what suits your situation.

basic fee 25 EURO + gift (60 min)

Guideline 75 euro


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De Bilt, The Netherlands

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