Ceremoniele retraite

Ceremonial group retreats

You can choose from small-scale group retreats (maximum 5 persons) and ceremonial retreats with your own company (2-4 persons, for example with a friend, brother, sister or partner. Please have a look at this page for inspiration, and feel free to contact me any time to tune in and talk about the options! If you are looking for an individual ceremony, please have a look at the page of the private retreats. 

If you wish to book directly, you will find the booking tool at the bottom of this page.


A ceremonial retreat at retreat center @Hélène in de Bilt (close to Utrecht, the Netherlands)

During these retreats we use plant medicines. These medicines are used with the intention of meeting yourself in an inner journey. It can help you face your problems, gain healing and transformation, let go of old pieces and insights to make new choices in your life. This brings you closer to your true BEING and you can enjoy life more.

The ceremonies are small-scale and Hélène, as a certified facilitator, is a physical and energetic spaceholder. There is loving attention and space for your transformation process and your BEING.

For whom is a ceremonial retreat?

If you are open to personal and spiritual development, you can hear the ‘call’ of plant medicines. Plant medicine trips can be used for mental, emotional and physical complaints, addiction problems, depression, fears, bereavement and post-traumatic stress disorder. The ceremonies give you deepening and reflection, clarity about where you are now in your life and where you want to go. A ceremonial retreat brings you closer to your true self.

When booking, I always contact you by phone first and before the start of the retreat you must fill in an intake form. Previous experience with plant medicines is not necessary, I will lovingly and carefully guide you in your process, regardless of where you are now! (Contraindications: heart complaints, pregnancy, breast feeding, and instable psychological disorders such as schizophrenia or borderline in yourself or 1st degree relatives, minimum age 21 years).

What does a ceremonial retreat at @Hélène look like? 

We use the following plant medicines: Magic truffles, Cannabis, cocoa, rape, moxa and sananga. There are also parts without plant medicines to reach deeper layers of your consciousness, including for example a trance journey with drums, BRTT (body remembers trauma therapy), and intuitive consultations. The ceremonies are always small-scale (maximum 4 people) and take place in a safe and homely environment.

Ceremonial retreats scheduled

Unravel-your-story, Magic truffels en Cannabons

February 24-26 (registration possible till Sat Feb 11)
March 31 – April 2
(registration possible till Su March 26)


Long weekend: Unravel-your- story with Magic truffle and Cacaobliss ceremonies

Fr, Feb 24, 11.00h – Su, Feb 26, 16.00h (register ultimately Sat Feb, 11)
Fr, March 31, 11.00h – Su, Apr 2, 16.00h register ultimately Su March 26)

We start this retreat with our new workshop and game Unravel-your-story. You gain insight into the stories you tell yourself and how they affected your life. With the new perspective and the tools, you learn you can make new choices in life based on how you want to shape your reality.

To gain insights from your subconscious, we make two inner journeys with plant medicines. The first evening of the ceremony we use the properties of Magic Truffles (Psilocybin), the second evening we use homemade Cannabons (raw cocoa and cannabis) in a ceremonial setting. These medicines are used with the intention of meeting yourself in love and getting closer to your true self. During the journey inwards you will become acquainted with the subconscious processes, which can help you with life issues and provide new insights that allow you to enjoy more. Magic truffles is masculine, while cannabis is feminine in energy; both give you an inner journey but are different due to the different energies. This ceremony is for people who are open to spiritual development and awareness and is guided by Hélène.

To strengthen the integration it is wise to give yourself some space and time in the days following the retreat. If you consider staying one additional night in our retreat center, please contact us for the options.

basic fee 395 EURO pp

incl VAT, this amount covers our fixed costs

+ gift afterwards (suited for you)

Gift based on what this retreat has brought you and your financial capacity

If you are in doubt about what is appropriate, you might choose one of the following options: 100 – 200 – 300 euro

  • Workshop/game Unravel-your-story
  • Magic truffle ceremony
  • Cacaobliss or Cannabis ceremony
  • Fire ceremony
  • Body Remembrance Trauma Therapy
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Individual energetic consult possible
  • Organic meals
  • Two nights in a 2-person bedroom
  • Sauna

Ceremonial retreat testimonials

Ceremonial group retreat with your own company

Do you want a ceremony with plant medicines together with a friend or several? At @Hélène you can book a ceremony for your own company!

Cacao ceremony: max 6 people, 4 hours

During a cocoa ceremony, drinking raw, ceremonial cocoa is central. Cacao is a heart opener known for its gentle and loving energy. You thereby open and strengthen the connection with yourself and with everything around you. Cacao is a plant medicine that has no hallucinogenic effect, but is nevertheless very powerful!

cacao ceremony: 250 euro


  • Cacao ceremony
  • Homemade bread and soup

Magic truffle or Cacaobliss ceremony: day 1 13.00h- day 2 13.00h:
795 euros with 2 persons, 995 euros with 3 persons, 1095 euros with 4 persons 

The Magic truffle or the Cacaobliss ceremony takes place on the day of arrival. To personal preference, this can also be combined with a rapé, moxa, and/or sananga. The next morning you can choose from either a group session body remembers trauma therapy, a trance journey on drums, yin yoga class, or use the sauna and jacuzzi. If you want an individual session (energetic head treatment or energetic consultation) there are possibilities to expand your retreat.

Magic truffle/cacaobliss ceremony: from 795 euro


  • Magic truffle or Cacaobliss ceremony
  • Rapé, moxa, sananga ceremony
  • Fire ceremony
  • Logding and organic meals
  • Body remembers trauma therapy OR
  • Trance journey OR
  • Access Bars treatment OR
  • Wood-fired sauna
  • Individual purification/healing optional

Book now a ceremonial retreat

First, select the date and time of your choice. After that, you can fill in your personal information. Once your booking has been processed, I will contact you via mail or phone.


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