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Below are the upcoming Being retreats and testimonials from previous retreats given by Nikki and myself. At the very bottom of the page you will find the booking tool.

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A Being retreat at retreat center @Hélène in de Bilt (near Utrecht)

Except for our feature event, these retreats explicitly have no program. By BEING we allow to arise what may arise. We follow the energy of that moment in the group. We shape the retreat by doing what is needed at that moment. We do of course offer various options, which are listed below.

Each of the Being’s retreats has the theme of one of the 5 elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Ether. The feature event is in that theme.

Because we believe that these retreats should be accessible to everyone who is really willing to work on themselves, we use a base price that covers our costs. In addition to this price that you pay in advance, after the event, we will ask you for a donation of which you can determine the amount yourself, based on what you think is appropriate and based on your capacity.

Who is a Being retreat suitable for?

Do you want to connect more deeply with the 5 elements of nature and see what arises in your process? Feel what is needed for your growth in the moment? Experience what more and more letting go of old beliefs, programs and other energies brings you. For when you bring awareness to what is holding you back and free yourself from it, you begin to live to your full potential. For this, you can feel what you need in our presence and we will open the energetic space for you to purify!

The group size of these retreats is 10 people and both men and women are welcome. The language of instruction will be both Dutch and English, depending on the participants. The entire retreat will be guided by Nikki from Ik Ben Het Waard and myself based on our intuition, experience and universal wisdom.

How does a Being retreat at @Hélène look like?

As mentioned, these retreats have – except for the feature event – explicitly no program. The feature event generally takes place at the beginning of the retreat, is non-committal, and has the theme of the weekend. For example, we hold a sweat lodge ceremony during the Fire theme weekend, we do body work and Ritual play during the Earth weekend, a Water temple during the Water weekend, and Esthetic dance during the Air retreat.

Furthermore, during these retreats, we simply allow what arises in the energy and we do what is needed in the group. There is a set of possibilities that we offer, including a cacao ceremony, singing bowl bath, individual and group healings, body remembers trauma therapy, trance journey, chanting mantras, meditations, yin yoga, sauna and jacuzzi etc.

If you register, we will always contact you by phone first to get to know each other.

Being retreats on the agenda for 2023

Jan 6-8: Being Fire
March 3-5: Being Earth
April 28-30: Being Water
June 9-11: Being Air
July 17-21: Being Ether

Enter the space of the event in time! Please register at least 2 weeks before the start

Being retreats

Friday 6 Jan 11am – Sunday 8 Jan 4pm: Being Fire
Featured event: sweat lodge ceremony led by Steph van der Heijden

Friday 3 Mar 11am – Sunday 5 Mar 4pm: Being Earth
Featured event: bodywork and Ritual play conducted by Marielle Spronck

Friday 28 Apr 11am – Sunday 30 Apr 4pm: Being Water
Featured event: water temple led by Rosanne Versteeg, Within Waters

Friday 9 June 11.00h – Sunday 11 June 16.00h: Being Air
Featured event: Ecstatic dance at Ecstatic Dance Utrecht

Each event has room for a maximum of 10 people, both men and women are welcome.

basic fee 375 EURO pp

This amount covers our fixed costs

+ gift afterwards (that suits you)

Gift based on what this retreat has brought you and your capacity

Monday July 17th 11am – Friday July 21st 4pm: Being Ether
Featured event: not yet determined

For the midweek Being Ether you have preferably participated in one or more of the previous retreats.

basic fee 695 EURO pp

This amount covers our fixed costs

+ gift afterwards (that suits you)

Gift based on what this retreat has brought you and your capacity

  • Featured event
  • Energetic group sessions
  • Individual healing sessions
  • Meditations, mantra′s and yin yoga
  • Body Remembers Trauma Therapie
  • Trance journey with drum
  • Singing bowl bath
  • Sauna and jacuzzi
  • Lodging in 2-person rooms
  • Organic meals (vegetarian)

Testimonials about previous retreats

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