Akashic records reading/ healing

A healing/reading in de Akashic records bij @Hélène.

The Akashic Records are also referred to as the Universal Library. An archive of information about every soul and information regarding past, present, and future possibilities. This library is constantly updated by the choices you make in your life. A reading can give you insights about yourself, the situation you are in.

When you request a consultation, you give me explicit permission to open your chronicles during the reading/healing. I make contact with the chronicles and function as a channel to bring the information from the chronicles to you.

My body as a channel often receives information through clairsentience, where I also regularly transform energy. Occasionally information also comes through clairvoyance, hearing, and knowing. While describing what I am receiving, you are the one who interprets the information and then incorporates this information into your life. It may be that information does not immediately become clear or that your mind has an opinion about it.  Trust that the healing takes place in a way that is most appropriate for you. You may, for example, receive new insights or other instructions on how to proceed in the days or weeks following. The healing you receive will take you one step further on your life path.

For whom is is a healing in the Akashic records suited? 

For anyone who is open to this.
Possible issues that make you want to receive an Akashic reading and healing are:
– I keep running into the same patterns, why is that?
– I have the feeling that something is stopping me from taking a new step, how can I deal with that?
– Am I still carrying something from a past life that is playing tricks on me?

So about every question that you might have there is an answer in the Akashic records. It is important, however, to always ask an open question (no yes/no questions) and no questions regarding time (as time is an earthly concept).

How can you book a healing in the Akashic records at @Hélène? 

You can book a healing by filling in the contact form. I will contact you to agree on a date and time that suits us both. You can also send an email to info@fromthinkingtobeing.com or call me on 06-27532850.

The reading/healing can take place at @Hélène or online. It takes about 60 minutes and costs 75 euros including VAT.

75 EURO (60 minutes)

Is money a challenge for you? Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities together.


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