Access Bars® treatment

An Access Bars® treatment @Hélène.

Access Bars® is an energetic massage through touch on 32 pressure points on your head. While laying on your back with your clothes on, I touch you at different points on your head. The energy channels will be opened and after that, I will cover pressure points corresponding to different life themes. It is a way to change patterns of behavior and stuck emotions, thoughts, and feelings without talking. You do not have to submit a specific question or problem. The body will remember its self-healing ability and will go to work itself to energetically remove things that no longer serve you. At the very least you will feel relaxed and calm as if you have had a nice massage. And in the best-case scenario, you will experience positive effects in several areas of your life in the period afterward.

For whom is an Access Bars® treatment suited? 

This energetic massage is suitable for anyone who wants more peace, space and relaxation, in the head and in the body. Suitable for all ages (including children) and also in case of physical, mental or emotional complaints.

How can you book an Access Bars® treatment at @Hélène? 

You can book by filling in the contact form and I will contact you to find together a suitable date and time. You can also send an email to or call 06-27532850.

This energetic massage of 90 minutes costs 100 euros including VAT. I welcomed you with a cup of tea and afterward you will have the opportunity to share your experience (count on a total time of 2 hours).

An Access Bars® treatment can also be booked in combination with a retreat, see my other pages for inspiration.

100 EURO (90 minuten)

Is money a challenge for you? Feel free to contact me so that we can discuss the possibilities together.


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