The journey of Hélène

My core values 


Live without limitations, beliefs, or judgement, and embrace your authentic self. Live a pure life in which nutrition, intention, words, and deeds are in harmony.


I help others to connect back to their own nature, by living and embodying my own connection with the earth. Together we live in a place of new pure energy, without becoming dreamy.


The most beautiful and purest lies hidden in the simplicity of nature. Think of animals, silence, food, and the elements. Follow the laws of nature and experience the simplicity of life.

My journey

On a beautiful spring day in 2018, I – 44 years old, in a steady relationship and with a job as a virologist at the university – suddenly found myself at a crossroad in my life. I met my half-brother, which completely changed my perspective on life.

Without knowing, I started following the road to my heart. This road turned out to be bumpy and unfamiliar. But while walking I found out that my body provided the signals to guide me. The more I let go of my mind, beliefs, and control, the more confidence I gained.

Now I live and work in the new earth energy. And I help you to follow your path.

But I didn’t always shine… Do you want to know more about my journey?

My work

In 2021, when the world was in lockdown, I decided to quit my position as a virologist at Utrecht University. After 25 years of scientific research, it was time to implement my new way of living in my work.

I started my own retreat center. As a catalyst for energy, I guide private retreats, small-scale group retreats, and (online) energetic sessions. People who work with me are ready to transform and walk their own path of life.

Some people will call me an energetic coach, others a healer, spiritual coach, or process facilitator. I don’t really like boxes myself. What matters is whether you resonate with my story and energy. If so, read below what I can offer you!

Pure, earthy, and simple is how I live. And that’s how I support you in walking your soul journey.

My approach

 Personal: I feel who you really are and whether energetic blockages or entities prevent you from living your true life. When you work with me, you work on clearing these blocks. Each path is unique, so the private retreats and 1:1 energetic sessions are completely tailored to you.

Perspective: I work with energy on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, from molecule to universe. In all my offerings I give you a new perspective on how you can live your most beautiful life.

Open mind: I work and live without judgment. Irrespective of who you are, where you stand, and what you do, I work based on authenticity and integrity. I respect the courage you have to walk your own path.

Connection: I connect with your energy, the laws of nature, and the flow of energy. So that you can connect more with yourself and others.

Responsibility: I take responsibility for my process and expect the same from you. The journey might feel lonely at times, but you are never alone and you don’t have to do it alone.

My story

Most of my life I lived and worked in a rational world. Trained as a biomedical scientist, I obtained my PhD in 2002 and then worked at Utrecht University. In my scientific research, I studied viruses. I entered the academic rat race and was that typical rational and mind-focused researcher.

Until the spring of 2018 (see profile photo). When I was 44 years old, my life became a rollercoaster ride after I met my half-brother. Although we lived very different lives, we felt a deep connection and there was recognition on a soul level. I stepped through the gate… and my view of the world changed.

Afbeelding van Helene werkzaam bij de universiteit als viroloog, voor haar transformatie tot energetisch coach.

During this tumultuous period, I found myself in a work conflict. I felt increasingly unhappy. Until one dark evening in the fall of 2018, I suddenly had an epiphany: if I wanted to be happy again, I had to take responsibility for my own life!

However, my analytical brain ran out of answers on how to do that. In fact, I realized that it was my mind that was holding me captive, with racing thoughts, limiting beliefs, and judgments.

When I entered the path into my inner world, it got lonely at first. I said goodbye to friends, my partner (after 17 years), and my job as a coronavirologist (after 25 years). But I got closer and closer to myself.

I healed old traumas guided by daily triggers as a directional indicator. I walked on the spiritual path. But with increasing my awareness I experienced that I can and should start living in the new energy in my own way.

Energetic transformation, from old to new. Pure, earthly, and simple.

My offers

You are very welcome at retreat center @Hélène in de Bilt (near Utrecht) for a private retreat or a small-scale group retreat. A personal retreat provides you with a great transformation and purification, allowing your energy to flow again. In the small-scale group retreats, we use plant medicines as a tool for increasing your awareness.

The small-scale group retreats accommodate a maximum of 5 people and either work with plant medicines as a tool to expand your consciousness or are de-stress retreats designed to help you experience more inner peace.

Not sure what suits you best? Then book a non-committal and free discovery call, I’d be happy to assist you!

What others say about me

“Your opinion really matters and I cannot stress enough how valuable your insights have been to me. You have a unique way of empathizing with others, without judgment and with a deep understanding of the ego and other mental processes. What I especially appreciate is that you are open and honest about your own experiences, which creates a sense of trust and connection. Thank you for your great guidance and I can recommend you to anyone looking for personal growth and development.” – Sandra

“You have a place that you share, but YOU are the one who gave me the journey. Thank you 1000 times!” – René

“You can be really proud of yourself that you dared to make such a huge turn in your life during these times.” – Lizzy

“I feel free to share everything with you and feel supported in my process. Everything may be there. I am very grateful for who you are and what you offer.” – U.

“I respect the way you made your choice and started a new journey. Based on your own strength and ideals, you have changed course and emerged stronger. I hope you will inspire many with this.” -N.