Who I am and what I do

My name is Hélène and I unravel stories of the mind. I help you to untangle your stories, to break through energetic blockages and coach to increase your level of consciousness. For this I use my own energy, intuition, experience and universal wisdom.

Our head (mind/ego) wants to protect us from the outside world, has thoughts and (limiting) beliefs. But what if those are all just stories that you tell yourself (over and over again). Stories and beliefs that no longer serve you and limit you to actually live up to your full potential?

I let you experience what it feels like to BE you. To remind you of who you truly are, with all your infinite possibilities. Through work aimed at growing consciousness you will be able to transform old (limiting) thoughts and beliefs. I help you reflect on situations and remove energetic blockages, so that you gain insights and healing. This gives you room for new choices from your heart!

I welcome you with love to retreat center @Hélène if you want to live more from your heart and less from your head. From Thinking To Being. That is the common thread in my life and work.

I offer both individual and group retreats. Whether it is a ceremonial retreat with plant medicines, a silent retreat, individual coaching or healing sessions (Access Bars and Akashic Records) or a private transformation retreat, you will learn how consciousness growth can change your life. Because of the energy, peace and space at @Hélène’s retreat center you will experience what it is like to BE.

And In case your mind starts wondering about ‘what and how exactly does that work’? Then I can only say, contact me without obligation (online or on location) and decide for yourself whether it is suitable for you. You can read my story and experiences below. Testimonials from people who gave themselves a retreat can be found on the different webpages.

  • Mijn kernwaarden

    • Neem zelf verantwoordelijk voor je eigen leven en geluk 
    • Gun jezelf tijd en ruimte, loop stapje voor stapje op  je eigen pad
    • Wees je bewust van je gedachten, overtuigingen en emoties  
    • Maak je keuzes vanuit liefde, niet vanuit angst
    • Sta open voor nieuwe ervaringen
    • Leef oordeelloos (over jezelf en anderen)
    • Leef in het nu
    • Geef je over en vertrouw het proces  (‘surrender en trust”)
    • Omring je met mensen die je inspireren en steunen

Hélène’s story

For most of my life I have been a ‘mind’ person. I lived and worked in a rational world. Trained as a biomedical scientist, I obtained my PhD degree in 2002 and then worked at Utrecht University. In my scientific research I studied viruses. I entered the academic rat race and was that typical rational and down-to-earth researcher.

Until the spring of 2018. When I was 44 years old, my life took a rollercoaster ride after I first met my steph brother. Although we were leading a completely different life, we connected immediately and there was recognition on a deeper level. I took the red pill… and my perspective on the world changed.

During this tumultuous period, I also ended up in a work conflict. All developments together resulted in a period of months with depressive feelings. Until one dark evening in the autumn of 2018 I suddenly got a revelation: If I wanted to be happy again, I had to take responsibility for my own life! My analytical brain, however, ran out of answers on how to do that. In fact, I realised more and more that it was my mind that held me captive, with thoughts grinding, limiting beliefs and judgments.

I decided to do some investigation. And step by step I found answers. By trrial-and-error, by asking questions, in contact with people on- and offline. I developed new perspectives and I learned to listen to the signals of my body and my heart. It has not been an easy journey, but it has brought me more freedom, peace and happiness than I had ever experienced.

At the end of 2019 I was introduced to the power of plant medicines. These inner journeys have given me many insights and helped in my growth in consciousness.

At the end of 2020 I decided to stop my academic career. In June 2021 I started retreat center @Hélène. A place where you can let go of your mind and just BE. I offer you the space to increase your consciousness, during a retreat or by just BEING here.

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