A true story about finding balance in your life…

Meanwhile, he’s already 1 year old. What started as a cute little fluffy yellow chick turned into a sturdy adult rooster with beautiful iridescent feathers.

Until recently, he was quite content. He patiently let the 4 hens peck at the grains first, before taking his share. He crowed early in the morning, waking up the neighborhood with the neighbor’s rooster. He amiably tolerated the goats and the little pig, and they tolerated him.

Until last week. That’s when he suddenly started attacking me (and when he thought I wasn’t looking, one of the goats too…).

My initial reaction was: I’m the boss, not you.

So, I stood my ground. I spoke loudly (and with some choice words, yes) that I wouldn’t tolerate that behaviour. I even physically shooed him away when he got too close.

The problem was, it didn’t faze him at all. He kept attacking me.

Until I had another idea. I grabbed a bucket of water, and the next time he attacked me, I threw it over him. He literally backed off…

And surprisingly, his behaviour changed afterward, and he stopped attacking me.

That got me thinking.

I realised that initially, I was combating ‘rough with rough.’ Countering dominance with dominant behavior. Unhealthily using my masculine energy to fight against his unhealthy male dominance.

Then, I saw that the bucket of water I successfully used could also be seen symbolically. Because water is a typically feminine element. Not soft and tolerant of everything, but powerful, like a river that leaves huge marks on the landscape just by flowing.

And then, I had another epiphany.

Everything seeks balance, even within yourself.
Action is reaction, even on an energetic level, although it’s harder to perceive.

But it’s possible! Because your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world, of your own energy and frequency. Like the rooster showed me that I should use more of my softer power. Not as a replacement for something that isn’t good, but to counter balance and find more harmony.

Are you curious how you can use this concept, these principles, this way of life to find more inner peace? I’d love to teach you!

It will help you gain more control over your life, experience more peace, and navigate difficult situations better. In a time when many of us are trapped in a busy and rushed life, with lots of stress, and where ‘must’ is one of the most frequently heard words.

So, my retreat is not just a time for slowing down, quiet reflection, but also a significant investment in yourself for the long term. You are welcome. You can find my offer here.

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