In the last post, I shared a powerful method of investigating the story in your mind by asking yourself questions. You can read that post here.

Remember? Someone is saying or doing something or a situation arises that affects you. You start feeling an emotion, like anger, sadness, frustration. Your mind starts its own story, based on your beliefs and your past. Within seconds you are caught up in drama.

In this blog, I will share with you another powerful method that helps me to get out of the stories in my mind. To release the emotional rollercoaster or break the mental stories about all that can happen and how things can go wrong. The thoughts about worst-case scenarios and all other struggles in your life that might become real…Do you recognize that?

This method requires a pen and a journal. And a quiet spot for yourself. Start with setting a timer at 10 minutes. If you use your phone, please make sure to switch it to airplane mode. The first thing you do is write down the topic that is on top of your mind. Then you start writing everything that comes into your mind at that very moment. You write down the physical sensations, the emotions, and everything that is there. Even if you feel that you don’t like to write, you write down exactly that. If you catch yourself staring out of the window, you continue writing by exactly writing that down. Keep on writing without stopping till the alarm goes off.

This free-flow method of writing is offloading your system. As well as it might also give you insights into the particular situation and your responses to it. It is a very powerful exercise which you can do at any moment about any topic.

Try it out! Next time some tips for when you are caught up in your mind.

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