I posted recently about people displaying behavior towards me that I did not want in my life. At some point, I needed to set up healthy boundaries. And say NO to being in my life to a client, a friend, and a family member. ⁠

All because of their disrespectful behavior towards me. ⁠
– Disrespect toward me in business, how I show up and make decisions. ⁠
– Disrespect toward me in relationships, staying true to myself while being in connection. ⁠
– Disrespect toward my life path, my inner healing, and my personal growth. ⁠

How easy would it be for me to blame them and to be a victim of the situation? ⁠

But that is first of all not helpful and does not change the situation. ⁠

Furthermore, I have learned over and over again that my outer world reflects my inner world. So my investigation toward what this wanted to show me started again….⁠

I use the mirror as a method: if they disrespect me, where do I still disrespect myself? ⁠

– Business: was I already showing up to the highest level possible? No⁠
– Relationships: do I truly honor and value all of myself and can I truly stand firm ground in connection? Not yet. ⁠
– Inner healing: do I truly value where I am right now and bring that into the world? Not yet.⁠

Damn. That is painful. ⁠

And thanks. For all the beautiful life lessons. For all those showing me where I can grow and step up. Every time again. ⁠

Oh, and yes, loss of finances, a lover, and a brother, did hurt…⁠

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