Because things need to be done⁠
Because tasks must be finished⁠
Because promises need to be kept⁠
Because to-do lists must be shortened⁠

What if you were allowed to go with the flow⁠
What if you could trust the course of events⁠
What if you would be most productive if you surrendered⁠
What if you found more peace of mind if you listened, rather than pushed⁠

I do not mean listening to the voices in your mind⁠
That push you forward⁠
That want to know⁠
That crave to understand⁠
That urge to keep control⁠

But rather listen to the signals of your body⁠
Being willing to surrender⁠
Being open to be guided⁠
Being ready to receive what you need⁠
Being present in the moment ⁠

Intention: Today I do exactly what I am here to do ⁠

And if, while reading this post, voices arise in your head, then become still. And ask yourself the question: Is what these voices are saying true? And if you get a yes, then ask yourself the question again: Is it true in all cases and always?

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