You probably know them. People who think they know better than others. They will tell you how it works. They perceive themselves as great characters, but have difficulty attuning to others. And therefore often have an (unconscious) lack of respect for the process and the choices of the other person.

The ego is the part of consciousness involved in defining who you are and how you see yourself in relation to the world around you. The ego includes your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and perceptions of yourself. The word “ego” is often used to refer to a person’s sense of self-worth or desire for recognition and success.

Large or unhealthy egos are everywhere. In business, in the academic world, in non-profit, but certainly also in the spiritual world.

A few years ago, the unhealthy ego (and narcissistic traits) of a professor contributed to my choice to leave my old scientific world. He tried to put me into a box. And I felt small, I fought to survive, but I couldn’t win then. Without justifying it, I now see that his behavior was also a form of survival.

At a certain point, I realized that I used to have quite a big ego as a virologist and vaccine developer. I thought I knew it all because I had ‘studied for it’. There was also an unhealthy component to this, but it also came from a lack of awareness and survival strategy I see now.

Nowadays I also see spiritual egos. People who unconsciously feel superior on the path of awareness. There is ‘the therapist’, someone who puts himself above you. Or people who keep repeating a certain practice or healing, because they think they are working on their development, but in fact hardly integrate lessons into their daily lives.

A healthy ego is therefore important for a positive self-identity and self-confidence and is not selfish. An overly large or unhealthy ego can lead to arrogance and difficulties in dealing with others. Interestingly, the path of consciousness helps you gain discernment in this regard. And only then can you make choices and continue to grow!

Be honest. Where do you feel better (or worse) than others? And how does this hold you back in your personal development?

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