A sweet lady in front of me. Very conscious. Very sensitive. ⁠

Earlier that morning we talked about her reintegration journey, after a period of being ill. We discussed how she makes choices because she still has little energy. And how she quickly falls back into that old energy in her work. About how it has to be done in a certain way to ‘comply with the rules’ otherwise your job is not safe. ⁠

Here we are in my garden on a Monday morning. When I ask her what her dream is, she effortlessly steps into the energy of how she wants to feel. She radiates, she feels attuned to this place with new earth energy, where everything is possible. She actually doesn’t want to leave… ⁠

In daily life, however, financial uncertainties stop her from making a choice. I tell her my story. At the age of 47, after having worked at the university for 25 years, I quit my permanent job. Without a guarantee of a certain income. Without knowing if I would still be living here a year later. ⁠

How I had to look at my beliefs that it had to be done in a certain way, that all things I thought I were just a false sense of security. How I experimented, by always tuning in to what I wanted it to be and how I wanted to feel and made choices based on that. ⁠

She then asked me about my dream. It’s big. I feel that. But I didn’t dare say it yet. And I made myself and the dream smaller. I thought I could connect better with her experience world by tuning down my future plans… ⁠

But luckily she is a badass, and immediately gives back where she feels it doesn’t flow. Like I just did with her! ⁠

Together ‘being’ in the new earth energy. Where we help each other. Each one unique, but equal..


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