An evening gathering with a group of conscious, like-minded people. A coming together that started during the corona pandemic. To connect and support each other in our (non-mainstream) ideas.

We are now 2 years later. I hadn’t attended the meetings for the last six months. I did not want to fumble around in old energy (an assumption that that would happen, I know, but still I didn’t go).

Suddenly I felt I had to go there. So last night I went. Great to see old friends again, to hear where everyone is at now. Everyone agreed that we wanted to move forward and come together to build a bright new future. The New Earth. From new energy.

But the most difficult thing was the form in which this should take place. The tendency was to get stuck in old structures. Hierarchical. With someone who organizes everything and the rest who receive the invitation and join. For me, it felt like ‘Same old, same old’.

Suddenly I felt my energy flowing and my mouth opened. “Are we willing to take a different perspective and look at the situation from the new earth energy? “

After this sentence, the words left my mouth effortlessly. A meeting in which you start from his or her own passion and talent. Take turns organizing something because you find it valuable. Everyone takes responsibility when it feels right and right for you. Trust that exactly the right thing is happening, That the right people are coming.

Experimenting with form in the new earth energy. I love it. Without attachment to the outcome. Of course, it was nice to notice that people felt the energy behind my words. And that it will be one of the options to be explored for the future!

Don’t settle for less. Show up in your true potential.

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