Not showing anything of your emotions at work because you want to be professional. Putting your irritation or anger away in work situations because you want to continue working with that client, boss, or colleague. Do you recognize that? ⁠

Importantly, however, emotions are always good indicators. About where the energy doesn’t flow and where lessons lie for you. Putting it away or rationalizing does not bring any movement or solution. ⁠

Recently, I had a client, a lady who triggered ‘the shit’ out of me…. ⁠

It started already during her online intake interview. I made a proposal and quote, which I adjusted 5 times before she agreed. Out of the two breakfast options that I offered, one was satisfactory, but when she got here she wanted something else again. It never seemed right…

My buttons were pressed harder. As soon as I saw her, I already felt irritation. Before she said anything, I already thought: ‘What does she want now’. ⁠

I kept thinking about where the lesson lay for me. Because I believe everyone crosses your path for a reason. But my head did not have the answer.

When she wanted something adjusted again on the 4th day, I decided to allow my emotions and express my irritation with tears in my eyes. ⁠And with that, the energy started flowing again. There was room for insights and healing on a piece where the customer and I both had something to work on….⁠

It had to do with daring to indicate what you need and trusting that the other person will be there for you. She subconsciously kept trying to see if I would be there for her during the retreat. And like I apparently don’t always feel it’s safe to express myself, because I’m afraid that the other person will walk away. ⁠

Trust. Allow emotions. You will heal. ⁠

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