Shedding the old: Ever noticed how things around us change? Actually, never ever things are the same the next day. Just like how seasons switch, we humans change too. Whether we like it or not, sticking to the old is a misconception of safety.

Shedding and letting go of the old is required to welcome the new. From the energetic perspective translated into the physical material world, small actions might seem nothing but can make a big difference. From changing your looks with a haircut to cleaning up your messy closet, it’s all about making space for better things.

Remember that it is not about doing something because someone says you should do it. It is the movement coming from the inside out. Feel the spark, your intuition, the energy when you do those things you feel like doing, even if they do not make direct sense. Be aware of your mind, though, when it starts telling you not to do it… it wants to keep you safe, but as said, this is almost always a sense of false safety.

Just some examples of what I did today to shed the old:

  1. Getting a New Haircut:

About 1,5 month ago I thought of saving my hair completely, but here my mind voted against it… Today, I did give myself a new haircut. Scissors cut away not just my hair but also the old stuff that was in a way still attached and had been holding me back.

  1. Cleaning Out the Junk

Stuff that needed to go to the dump for a week now, I finally put in my car and got rid off. Pilling up old stuff that is damaged or not needed anymore is energetically holding on to old stuff, like your mind is holding on to old thoughts and feelings. Cleaning the energy in the material also makes room for fresh thoughts and new experiences.

  1. Taking a Small Nap During the Day

My body became tired in the morning as I was processing and transforming old stuff. To really release the old, I took a little nap around noon. My mind no longer is stopping me from doing that when my body asks for it. Because I know I will feel better afterwards. I wondered off to a different space, not even sleeping, for 15 minutes and really felt revived again.

Remember, change is like a magic trick – it might seem scary, but it brings cool surprises. Just like how animals shed their skin to grow, we need to let go of the old to welcome the new. So, whether you’re getting a haircut or cleaning out, you’re saying “yes” to fresh starts and exciting changes. It’s all about becoming a better, happier you!

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