In the world of self-defense, techniques like Krav Maga are designed to equip individuals with the skills to protect themselves and others. However, amidst the practicality, I recently experienced a beautiful and unexpected lesson in love and compassion during my practice.

This is a true story from my weekly practice that hopefully reminds you of the transformative power that each of us has.

It was during my weekly Krav Maga lesson when the instructor demonstrated a technique that involved choking someone to teach the appropriate defense response. As most students watched and started practicing accordingly, without thinking I approached my partner with open arms. This was opposed to arms and hands tightly close together. While choking resorts to violence or aggression, I rather stepped forward with open arms as I was ready to embrace the other person.

The instructor raised an eyebrow, puzzled by this unexpected response. Then I explained that a hug with open arms was for me a natural and appropriate way to interact with someone. This came from a different energy than feeling offended and in the need to defend myself. The instructor, now realizing the significance of my approach, smiled and nodded approvingly. Also, my partner acknowledged the depth of wisdom in this simple gesture, recognizing that love and compassion have a place even in the world of self-defense.

Obviously, the instructor still continued his class and wanted me to learn how to respond to choking in case I needed to defend myself. But I sincerely felt that I planted yet another seed in an unexpected situation. And I felt my true power and ability to raise the frequency of the people around me by just being me. To stay close to myself and shine my light, without thinking.

The lessons of this story?

  1. Openness and Willingness: My openness to embrace and see others, even in a challenging setting, demonstrates the power of breaking free from preconceived notions and doing it in a different way.
  2. Love as a Form of Defense: In the face of conflict, acting from fear is not always the answer. Rather, choosing love and empathy can create a profound impact.
  3. Teaching by Example: My act taught others a valuable lesson that day. By demonstrating an alternative approach, I inspired others to question norms.
  4. Impact of Small Gestures: Even the simplest acts of kindness and sharing your energy, like a hug, can create a ripple effect of positivity and transform the dynamics of a situation.

This true story is a reminder of the power we all hold within us. We have the ability to change the narrative, to question established norms, and to lead with empathy and understanding.

Where are you leading the way for others?

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