Start moving and take that courageous step to unlock a world of possibilities….

But this is easier said than done. All kinds of thoughts and beliefs creep into your mind. And they are trying to hold you back…

It was already at the end of 2022, I started feeling a desire of contributing on a larger scale to the well-being of humans. To help make the world a better place. Using my own energy and my abilities as an energetic coach.

At first (and sometimes it still does…), this sounded arrogant to me. Can I do this? Would anyone be interested? Will they understand? Who is waiting for me? What would such a program or offer look like? My mind wanted to know the final outcome and the steps to take.

But intuitively that I just had to take the very first step and the path would unfold. Just like how it did when I quit my job as a scientist 2 years ago and I could not have guessed that I could use my energetic abilities to help other people, mainly during retreats and coaching.

I will step up as a leader and be the message… even if no one listening right away….

In January this year, the type of my online offer became clear: audio tracks, broadcasts that contain an energetic update. In February the name which I wanted to use for this experience was revealed to me: The Voice of the Future. In March I decided that the platform would be a network app where I could share this energy in a fun and easy way to a broad audience and to which a community could be grown.

Lots of hurdles on the road appeared, slowing me down. Forcing me to face my fears, my shit, and the identities I was holding on to. Now it is July and also the technical hurdles to my online offer are finally overcome thanks to my Spiritual Business Coach.

So be brave. Take a first step. And then the next. And the next. The path will unfold…

The Voice of the Future will give you energetic updates via audio tracks on day-to-day topics. They are broadcasts that contain an experience. In the Purification tracks, you clear that what no longer serves you, and in the Attunement tracks you tune into the new you. Try The Voice of the Future now 1 month for free! You can find more information and sign up here!

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