Your thoughts and beliefs may try to define you, limit you, or hold you back. But remember, they are simply stories constructed by your mind. Based on previous experiences, energies that are not yours to begin with, your upbringing etc. ⁠

Do you believe you need to figure out where they came from? Who or what is holding you back? Blame others? ⁠

No, the answer lies in you. Always. You have the power to transcend those narratives and create your own path. Step by step.⁠

There are a few ‘ingredients’ to this. After becoming aware of the story in your mind, the very first challenge is not to identify with the story any longer. Do not let it consume you. Just stay present, with what it wants to tell you. Open up the space. ⁠

Simple, but not easy. I was consumed by a trillion stories a few years ago, and still when new situations arise an old story might come up. But now I mostly laugh at them. And I know I can purify these old energies myself, thereby increasing my consciousness and my freedom! ⁠

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