Curious about the principles behind my unique authentic coaching methodology? In this blog, I’ll take you on a journey into my approach. Discover how I believe in tapping into your inner power, creating a safe space for growth, and fostering awareness. Let me introduce you to the principles that resonate with my coaching approach.

Principle 1: Non-directive versus directive

In my coaching, I believe that all the answers lie within you. I am not a healer, savior, or problem solver. My role is to support you in activating your self-healing abilities and listening to your inner voice. Explore how energy works and learn practical applications to listen to yourself in a down-to-earth manner. All you need to do is be open to what presents itself.

Principle 2: Structure versus flexibility

In my coaching process, I provide a safe structure for you to be yourself. During retreats, we follow the natural flow of energy, which provides the necessary structure. While there isn’t a fixed program, we have a range of tools at our disposal to be used at the right moments. Flexibility, combined with a secure structure, creates an optimal growth experience.

Principle 3: Outcome-oriented versus process-oriented

Unlike focusing on measurable results or goals, I work with the understanding that they can be ego-driven and offer false security. I have moved away from the traditional approach and focus on the present moment. By being fully present here and now, we can see what is needed without excessive rumination. Perceiving reality reflects our inner state.

Principle 4: Doing and talking versus being and experiencing

My coaching methodology is unconventional compared to most coaches. We enter the realm of “being” together, without working hard, talking excessively, or thinking from our minds. We energetically cleanse, clearing old patterns, systems, and identities, and then attune ourselves to the energy of what you want to invite into your life and who you truly are. This process is effortless, grounded, transcending ego and control, as well as spiritual impurities.


As a coach, I invite you to get closer to yourself and live in a way that works for you, without constantly toiling or overthinking. By being consciously present and expanding your awareness, I assist you in releasing old beliefs, patterns, identities, and habits. Together, we create a safe space for self-discovery, awareness, and growth. In the energetic space I facilitate, your transformation will occur much faster than if you were to do it alone.

Do you resonate with my approach? Take a look at my offerings and discover how I can guide you on your unique path of growth.

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