1. I’m not ready yet.
Do you wait until you have so much pain that you hit rock bottom? Many people do, before they realize that they can look at life in a different way. But I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. How high is your pain (and your longing) now? Then ask yourself whether this will change on its own.

2. I can do it alone or online.
Of course you can do it alone. Only it takes much longer, you don’t see your own blind spots and it takes much more pain and effort. So why would you? And yes, you can also find all kinds of information online, but the most powerful transformations still happen when you physically immerse yourself in high frequencies, like here at my location in my presence.

3. I let others/my family down when I choose myself.
What’s best for you is also best for everyone around you. Sometimes you need a different perspective to see that. You don’t have to rigorously give up and leave everything behind to start living in accordance with your true self. As they say on the airplane: put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else!

4. I don’t have the money (to spare).
How much is more peace, more self-confidence, and an aligned life worth to you? If you feel that my offer resonates with you and is exactly what you need, you can trust that there will be a solution in terms of finances. From my side, I offer you (i) greater than monetary value, (ii) the option to pay in installments, and (iii) the option of other forms of exchange, if you are serious about your interest in my offer but your financial resources are really insufficient.

5. I don’t have time for it right now.
If you choose yourself, you make a choice anyway to invest time in yourself. Many people experience after a retreat that the energy that was stuck starts to flow, so that they get on an express train. This always gives you more time than the investment, because you live more and more aligned. For practical planning, we always look together at the most suitable dates and times, so that we also take your family situation into account, for example.

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