In my previous post, I shared about what a private retreat is, how they work, and which one to choose.

Here, I will share with you what my individual retreat (a week near the Bosnian pyramids with Ira Nagel in Feb 2023) gained me.

… my life energy flows even more. I shine more, and look happier. Others see it too.

… I feel more balance between masculine and feminine energy. I am both more creative and more decisive.

… I surrender even more to the ‘illogical flow of the universe’. Life becomes more effortless with more peace and confidence.

…I am humbler. Because I feel more and more that I am part of something bigger.

…I feel more and more gratitude rather than frustration when something turns out differently than expected.

… I have more clarity about what I have to bring to the world, in my life, and with my business.

…I am more and more aligned. I act to keep the energy moving and that leads to even more clarity.

… I have more peace and confidence. That everything comes at the right time in the best possible way.

… I dare to show more of my true self. I am proud of who I am and what I have achieved.

During my retreat, I made a huge level up in living my best life, living in full alignment with who I am. This is beneficial for my private life and for my business and clients.

Because I am more aligned with my true self, I can provide more energetic support to others. So that they have the courage to heal, explore and walk their own path. And that is needed to make this world a more loving place!

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