I have been facilitating retreats for 2 years now, and focus mainly on private retreats. The power of such a retreat is huge. It can be felt and seen in the faces of all my clients. And they start living more and more their best lives!

A few weeks ago it was time for me to go on an individual retreat. In the next post, I will share what it gained me, but here I will explain a bit about 1:1 retreats first.

-So what is a (private) retreat? During an in-person retreat, you temporarily withdraw from everyday life. You take time for yourself, for reflection, and for your own development. This allows you to gain a different perspective and make a huge (energetic) step on your unique path.

-Why a private retreat and not with a group? A group with like-minded people can be very nice as you have the same interests. But if you are, like me, sensitive to the energy of others, you might consider an individual retreat so that it is easier to stay in your own energy and focused on your own processes.

-Which private retreat? For my retreat, I decided to go to a place with high frequency/energy (the Bosnian pyramids, a so-called ‘power place’) and to someone who inspires me. Someone I resonate with in terms of lifestyle, from whom I can learn. Someone who has a high frequency, so energetic shifts are more supported. I also choose to contact her upfront, to confirm that I resonate with her way of working.

-How does a private retreat work? There are program components and there is a logical setup. But as you are the only guest, adjustments based on what you need at that moment are easier to make than when you are with a group. In this way, it might support your process even more!

In the next post, I will share what my private retreat gained me. Interested? Continue reading for part 2 here!

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