There are days when it becomes a bit clearer to me why certain things happen in a certain way. But also how subtle differences can change the outcome of an event.

What happened in the process of booking and actually traveling to my destination for a private retreat for myself, at the pyramids in Bosnia, might give you an idea of ​​what I noticed.

One month in advance, when booking the flight: There are countless options to add, such as cancellation insurance, seat reservation, extra luggage, hotel, parking space, etc.

  • What do I practically need? A trolley as hand luggage is for me essential so that I don’t have to check in my luggage, but I can take everything with me. So I add that.
  • What do I want as extras? A window seat is what I like, but costs me 20 euros extra. If I don’t add it now, I’ll be assigned a random seat. I decide not to commit and have faith that I will have exactly the seat I need to have. A parking lot, close to the terminal is practical but will cost me more than 100 euros. I get a hunch – since I fly from a small airport – to park my car somewhere nearby and don’t add it either.

Two days before, at check-in:

  • I am automatically assigned seat 17E, not at the window. I still feel trust that I will be exactly in the right place and that the reason for assigning me this seat will become clear.
  • I decide to look for a parking garage anyway because I’m getting worried that I won’t be able to park nearby. I find a garage a little further away for half the money and can then take the shuttle to the terminal.

And then traveling:

  • after parking in the garage, there appears to be no shuttle on Sunday morning, I have to walk 20 minutes to the terminal and I pass through a residential area with lots of parking spots….
  • when boarding I take my middle seat, seat E. When I want to get up to let the man who booked the window seat pass, he points out to me that he wants me to move to the window seat.

So what energy was behind my action or thoughts? Where did I trust and follow my intuition? Where was there an energy of lack or fear that it wouldn’t work out? Where did I stand in my own way?

Become aware of the differences in energy, they feel light and expansive versus more heavy and contracted. Once you are aware of that, you will also realize that you have a choice. And sometimes it is very helpful to surround yourself with people who are open and aligned to this universal life force so you will get a hang of it. But it is always you who decides!