In recent weeks I have been talking to people about ‘life’. People who indicate: “I have a pretty good work and private life, so I should not complain. But still I’m not really happy and it feels like there’s more to life”. Or people who wonder: “How do I truly want to live life? And if I already knew that, would I dare to actually do it?”

That last question made me ponder about what real living and living in freedom actually is for me. And oh boy, what a difference in the way of living I have compared to a few years ago. The work I do, the relationships I have, but much more the freedom I experience within myself.

How do I live everyday life now? Being aware of what is happening around me, in this moment. Everything that presents itself may be there, think of emotions, feeling resistance, and mirrors showing up. Life without judgment. Taking responsibility for my own process. But also in being vulnerable when connecting to others in person.

But now it comes: Where do I still make concessions? Where do I not yet dare to live 100% in freedom? It all boils down to showing my true colors.

The first is to really show all sides of myself to the world. People who come here for a retreat see those sides of me, I am vulnerable and everything is open. But the outside world doesn’t see that. Should they? I am not sure yet. But it is who I am. So what’s stopping me and not showing as sides of me?

Another thing is not fully daring to connect in a relationship. Because I’m subconsciously afraid that this will limit my freedom on the deepest level. So there again, afraid to be truly me.

And finally to put even more into the world of what I have to offer. Even more, acting upon what I feel needs to be said and done in my business. Showing up.

So what’s stopping me? Yet another deeper layer of fear. The fear of being arrogant, of being rejected, of not being taken seriously, or of having my freedom limited…. While I actually take away my own freedom in this way…

In me, there is such a fierce desire to fully live, enjoy, and embody freedom in all aspects. Pure, raw, honest, brave. To walk my own unique path.

I take the next step. And I invite you to do the same. Not to cage yourself. And walk your path. Because you can’t ‘think yourself free’.