A few months ago I decided to introduce a new pricing structure for my group retreats. I started working with a basic price that covered my fixed costs, including meals, location, and heating. In addition, my clients could make an extra voluntary donation, based on financial capacity, personal value, etc. to appreciate my work and energy.

I wanted to give more people the chance to participate. I felt that in this way I would focus on abundance and assume that there would always be sufficient income. I wanted to experiment with how I can contribute to materializing new energy to make this earth a bit more beautiful place.

But I’m going to confess here now that it doesn’t work. At least not for me, not right now, not in this place, or not with this offer. Practically translated, I have never had so few registrations for my group retreats…

The people who come find it very valuable and give generous donations. But I have also been unable to host one group retreat because of too few registrations.

I know, if you run an experiment, you might get negative results. But if you do not try, you will never know. Especially if you want to run your business in a way that is aligned with new world energy, things are trial and error. And as I now come from a higher level of perspective and awareness it is time to work on another strategy for my group retreats. One that is working for me, for you, and for the world I want to build on. As a new world entrepreneur.