I’ve been dreaming about houses a lot lately. A very oddly arranged house. A house where things are broken. A house where my ex-boyfriend decides what happens in terms of furnishing.

A house in your dreams seems to represent your own life. Where the roof can stand for your higher desires and goals. As I am already pretty aware of synchronicities in daily life, It didn’t really surprise me that I discovered a leakage of the roof in the chicken coop yesterday. And how symbolic repairing the roof became….

At first, I thought I could fix everything within an hour with a piece of plastic. But the roofing material turned out to be completely rotten. When I took it off, the plate underneath was already affected to such an extent that it also had to be replaced.

A trip to the hardware store. Got good advice, and bought stuff, but the roof plate turned out not to fit in the car. Off to the saw service. Back home again. It was already twilight and a first attempt to install the roof failed in an early stage due to an empty cordless screwdriver. The chickens were given a temporary roof for the night.

Continuation the next day. The screws that came with the roofing material were of such poor quality that they only went in halfway and were barely removable afterward. The caps that belonged to them never went on properly, except for that one that later turned out to have to come off again. Just because I had not properly overlapped the plates yet…. Getting new screws, not being able to find the right bit for the screwdriver, the story continued…

Finally, it was dusk again when everything was properly fixed and the chickens could go to roost dry again. And me? I’ve never been so calm inside…and I was surprised. Before, I would have been extremely frustrated. Even a year ago I would have walked around with a lot of self-pity (“do I have to do it all alone”) or occasionally put the “blame” outside of myself (“what a ….. quality screws”).

And now? Now I remained calm, and focused, always looking at the next step and picking up a solution before I called something a problem. I take the time I needed, without being stressed, without being frustrated. Because I have found inner peace. Because I see the symbolism in it. I am building my own roof, my own desires and goals are reflected in the energy I put into fixing the roof of my chickens. It is just part of taking care of myself as much as it is taking care of the chickens!

And in terms of cleaning up, another final interesting one: I used to put the bulky waste in a corner, where it would still be for months afterward. Now it went straight to the community dump because self-care is also cleaning up that which no longer serves you. So that there is room for new things. Like my desires and goals to manifest into this reality!